The Hillary Clinton campaign is in a state of panic after the renewed FBI probe into her secret email server was announced on Friday. Huma Abedin has gone into hiding. James Comey, highly praised by those of the Democratic Party since July, are now vilifying him. Last night during a panel discussion on Fox News, Democratic Party Insider, Doug Schoen, declared that he is reconsidering his support for Hillary Rodham Clinton! He cites his reason as being that the American nation cannot afford 4 years of a Constitutional Crisis! If she is elected, then the United States Government will be effectively shutdown as investigations and counter-probes bring the country to a halt and drag into into a swamp.

Hillary Arrested

The latest ABC News/Washington Post poll shows that its a one-point race now and that 34% are less likely to vote for Hillary Clinton. Of Democratic Party voters, 17% are less likely to vote for her. THAT IS BAD NEWS! Her support from African-American, Millennial and Male voters is already well below that of Barack Obama′s in 2012, when he got some 3 Million fewer votes than in 2008. If the party faithful start ditching her, say House and Senate candidates to save their own campaigns, then she is doomed!

Even some in The Media appear to be ready to bolt. Bill and Hillary Clinton has literally had The Media hypnotized for the past 25 years. But as we learn that there may exist some 650,000 emails on the laptop of Anthony Weiner, discovered by the New York FBI office as part of their investigation into pedophile allegations, the ′spell′ has been shattered! Wolf Blitzer of CNN seems to be jumping off the Clinton bandwagon. The Washington Post published a rather amusing fictionalization of these recent events.

In the WashPo story, Hillary is busy picking drapes for redecorating the Oval Office when she hears a commotion outside of her office at campaign headquarters in Brooklyn. Several aides are arguing who should tell her. ″Tell me what″, Hillary barks as she opens the door. Some staffers run away. Another jumps out a window! The last one suggests to Hillary that she call Huma. ″Call Huma about what?″, Hillary demands! The last aide hands her a copy of the Comey letter to Congress. Hillary reads it twice and doesn′t understand what all the fuss is. She reads it again and this time she gets it! The aide suddenly bursts into flame! Outside, the sky darkens and thunderstorm rages from out of nowhere. The Earth trembles as Hillary Clinton telekinetically effects all about her. The evil witch has been exposed!

Back to serious matters. Doug Schoen is correct. If Hillary Clinton is elected, we will have nothing but chaos for the next four years. The fate of the nation will be in peril. The economy will tank. Our enemies emboldened. The public′s trust in government will erode further. Think about this for one moment. When Bill Clinton won in 1992, the public′s favorable rating for government was at 70%. Today, it is barely 30%. Four years of Hillary Clinton scandals, and her potential impeachment, would drive down that number even further.

I have to wonder at what level does a government absolutely fails? When does the public′s lack of trust reach a point where a nation ceases to exist? My guess is that it is somewhere within the 20% to 10% range. I doubt if any government can survive much lower than that. Frankly, I′m surprised that it can still function at the current level. But then, I am a rational being whose mind operates well above the baser, ′Repitilian′ mode. But, as our declining culture exhibits, a growing majority of people are still stuck in the Reptile mindset. As long as many can still view selfies of celebrity butts, then all is well. But I fear that at some point, even that is not enough!

Of course, there is an alternative. Voting for Donald Trump would prevent the nightmare scenario of a Hillary Clinton quagmire. As president, Trump would prevent the country from becoming mired in scandals and probes. He is brave and fearless. Trump is even campaigning in Michigan today seeking votes from the ′Reagan Democrats′ and African-American voters. I believe that Donald Trump would actually unify the United States to a level unseen in generations. We would have a Horatio Alger Era 2.0! Faith in our nation, our government, our institutions would be restored. We, as a people, would rally around the banner of Make America Great Again!

So there are your choices my fellow citizens. Vote for Hillary Clinton and get 4 years of Constitutional Crisis and the end of America as we know it. Or, vote for Donald Trump and Make America Great Again! It is as simple as that you Reptilians. Vote for Trump and you can be certain of more selfies of celebrity butts to view for your amusement. Vote for Hillary and get your face bashed in once our government collapses and anarchy reigns. Your wailing children will cry out as their skulls are smashed against the corners of what were once brick buildings. Famine, disease, pestilence and endless sorrow will follow in the wake of Hillary Clinton. Is total desolation the future you want?

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