FBI Director James Comey is under attack by Loretta Lynch, Hillary Clinton and pretty much the entire Democratic Party and their allies in The Media. The story broke Saturday that the Department of Justice tried to silence Comey and prevent him from sending his infamous letter to ranking members of Congress on Friday. Comey knew that he would be damned if he did or didn′t, so he erred on the side of transparency. After all, under oath before Congress, he had promised to keep them updated on any changes in the status of the Hillary Clinton email probe. With the investigation renewed following the discovery of over ten thousand emails on a laptop computer used by both Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner, Comey informed Congress as he promised.

The reaction by Hillary Clinton and her supporters has been vicious. Democratic Party officials of all ranks and stripes have demanded that James Comey release all information he has by Monday. Even Hillary Clinton wants him to release the new emails! This is ironic, as she could have avoided this whole mess had she been transparent in the first place! But, as we are learning more and more from the WikiLeaks emails from John Podesta, Hillary is in her own little world, a world that had no connection with reality.

Even one top Democratic activist, Neera Tanden, circulated an email complaining that the decision by Hillary Clinton to use a private email server was ″f**king insane″. John Podesta, himself, the Clinton campaign chairman, emailed about the lack of judgment exhibited by Bill and Hillary Clinton. The Podesta email released by WikiLeaks paint a terrifying picture of chaos and discontent within the Clinton campaign. As well as how they rig and scheme to win votes and make money. Speaking of rigging elections, an audio tape from 2006 has surfaced where Hillary Clinton discussed how to rig the elections in Palestine.

Some things never change. On Friday, Hillary Clinton even lied about how the letter from James Comey was political, claiming that he only sent it to Republican chairman of several House and Senate committees. But, as it turned out, Comey also sent copies to the Democratic chairs, too! Had Clinton and her staff bothered to actually read both pages of the letter, they might have figured that out.

On Loretta Lynch, she already ruined her own chances to control this process when she met with Bill Clinton for a secret chat on the tarmac in Phoenix, Arizona. Golf and grandkids, huh? Almost as funny as Hillary′s 33,000 emails being about yoga lessons and Chelsea′s wedding. Lynch should have appointed a special prosecutor on Day One to work with the FBI. If the evidence required a grand jury be empaneled then that would have kept everyone′s hands clean of political scandal. The grand jury would have decided whether or not to indict Hillary or her staffers. But, as I have been saying for months now, ′The Fix′ was in from the start!

The calls by Hillary Clinton, Loretta Lynch and others for James Comey to release the new emails may show some transparency, but the emails themselves may not be the real issue. Huma Abedin may have lied to the FBI investigators about whether or not there were any other devices which had been turned over or known to have been destroyed. She may have lied about nobody else having access to these devices, as we can assume that her husband probably did. Funny that the presidential ambitions of Hillary Clinton may have been derailed by an alleged pedophile.

I also have to wonder if perhaps Anthony Weiner may be the source of those John Podesta emails which WikiLeaks is releasing? Could this be a case of ex-lover′s revenge? There is already a rumor floating around inside The Beltway that our own National Security Agency, the NSA, may be the ones behind the WikiLeaks. That career NSA officers of the ′Dark Government′ are furious with Hillary Clinton using a private email server which may have been hacked, causing the deaths of a number of CIA informants. Hillary, like Barack Obama, certainly did little to nothing to help Dr. Shakil Afridi, who tipped off the CIA on the whereabouts of Osama bin Laden. The good doctor is serving a 33-year prison sentence in Pakistan for his troubles. His lawyer was even murdered, shot to death in northwestern Pakistan. More blood on Hillary′s hands!

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