Did Anthony Weiner just hand Donald Trump the White House? Could be! But we won′t know for sure until more info comes in as the FBI announced it was reopening the Hillary Clinton email probe. Director James Comey sent out a brief letter to some 13 heads of the House and Senate committees that have been part of the investigation into the Clinton private email server. According to reports that have been coming in from several news sources, what caused this dramatic event today was the discovery of four devices, including a laptop belonging to Anthony Weiner. The FBI has been investigating Weiner for his alleged ′sexting′ with a 15 year-old girl from North Carolina. Another of the four devices belongs to his now separated wife, Huma Abedin. Why this is happening now with just 11 days left before the election boils down to several potential scenarios, which I shall describe for you now…

FBI Clinton Probe

IF, and this is a BIG ′IF′, there were any classified documents which had came through the private email server of Hillary Clinton, then somebody may be going to jail. Some reports are that there are thousands of emails on these devices. Earlier today, a story from the New York Post alleges that those 33,000 emails thought to have been deleted by Hillary′s staff have been found. Could they be one one, or more, of these devices? Well, according to the story by Paul Sperry today, there was at least one Apple MacBook that was alleged to have been ′lost in the mail′ when shipped from the Platte River Networks in Denver, Colorado to the Clinton Foundation in New York City. Turns out that this laptop may have been ″repurposed″ for use at the Clinton′s home in Chappaqua. There is also a chance that these missing emails may have been captured on a Google email server, as well as a ′cloud′ server run by Datto Inc. in Pennsylvania.

But I don′t think that these are the sole devices which caused this decision by the FBI. It seems more likely that Weiner and Abedin′s devices may also have some of the missing emails, or may have copies of previously known emails which have been deemed as containing classified material. For all we know, Weiner may have forwarded some of these to his 15 year-old ′sexting′ partner to impress her? So here are several scenarios for what might be going on;

A) Deflection Scenario: WikiLeaks has promised some seriously damning emails over the next few days. So, this story involving Weiner is intended to squash and wash it from the headlines. The odds are that most Hillary supporters will still vote for her no matter what she has or may have done. What is essential is to prevent those who have yet to vote from becoming discouraged if WikiLeaks drops another bombshell, like the ′Bill Clinton Inc.′ story the other day.

B) The CYA Scenario: FBI Director James Comey is doing this now in order to be absolved of criticism on having been part of a rigged election. By Tuesday or Wednesday, the FBI may announce that they have reviewed the devices in question and found nothing new that cause a change in the decision not to charge Hillary Clinton or anyone on her staff. Thus, ending the matter once and for all. Or, in CYA 2.0, they DO find something so damning that it cannot be avoided nor swept under a rug. In this case, does it happen in time to have any real impact on the election? Does it give Barack Obama an opportunity to act by granting her a pardon before he leaves office should charges be leveled?

C) Blame It On Huma: In this scenario, the FBI focuses not on Hillary Clinton but on Huma Abedin. Did Huma lie to the FBI when she was questioned earlier this year? If so, then she′s in hot water. Did she tell the FBI that no other devices were used to correspond with Hillary or other State Department officials? If this scenario is in play, then the FBI will have to move quickly, again by mid-week, to throw Huma Abedin under the bus and absolve Hillary of any wrong doing. Will Huma go quietly and take the hit?

D) DOOMSDAY! In this scenario, all hell breaks loose! The Hillary Clinton campaign completely unravels. This story develops worse and worse over the next few days and her poll numbers plummet. Even loyal Democrats get fed up as more WikiLeaks also cast Hillary as a crook. Voter turn out dwindles and Independents pour over to Trump in the last few days. Donald Trump wins in a blow-out. Obama hangs Hillary out to dry after cutting a deal with Trump not to pardon her so she can be prosecuted and Obama walks away with no probe into his activities.

So there are your four, most likely scenarios concerning the FBI reopening the Hillary Clinton email probe. Is this a trick or a treat? Will Donald Trump win a huge, landslide victory thanks to Anthony Weiner ′sexting′ a 15 year-old girl? Will Huma Abedin take one for the team and go to prison for possibly lying to the FBI? Or is FBU Director James Comey covering his own butt, and the reputation of the FBI, by casting some doubts into the election? Is this his way of letting the American People decide if Hillary Clinton should be president? Or did Comey do this as part of a plan by Barack Obama to divert attention away from potential damning releases by WikiLeaks over the next 10 days? I don′t know where this is going, but we may be in for a rougher landing than what Mike Pence last night!

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