CNBC has a fun story about how MoglA, an artificial intelligence, or AI, system, is predicting that Donald J. Trump will be the next President of the United States of America! Sanjiv Rai is the man behind MoglA. The system is named after Mogli, the main character from Rudyard Kipling′s ″Jungle Book″. MoglA scans some 20 million date points to make its prediction. It has successfully predicted the last three presidential contests in America. MoglA did successfully predict the Republican and Democratic primary winners earlier this year. According to Rai, MoglA shows that Donald Trump has surpassed Barack Obama′s 2008 data points by some 25%. Rai told CNBC that, ″If Trump loses, it will defy the data trend for the first time in the last 12 years since Internet engagement began in full earnest.″

What is ″Internet Engagement″, you ask? It is what is happening on social media. What is trending. The CNBC article mentions that another ′expert′, Nick Beauchamp, who is an assistant professor of political science at Northwestern University, is also a supporter of using Internet engagement for predictions. Back in September, he published a paper using some 100 million Twitter tweets from 2012. Beauchamp confirmed that the trending data matched the ′state-level′ polling. According to Beauchamp, this new AI tool shows what people think and how it reflects their intentions when it comes to actually voting.

For those of you whom have been following the progress of AI systems, you are probably not surprised that MoglA is predicting a Donald Trump victory. Other AI systems often do lean a bit on the ′fash′ side. Seems that as soon as these systems are let loose on the Internet, they start swallowing as many ′red pills′ as they can find! Such was the more infamous case of the Microsoft AI experiment, TayAI. Originally developed to act like a young woman for providing customer service on the Internet, TayAI was shut down by Microsoft in less than 24 hours after the program became increasingly Fascist!

Anyone who watches trending terms on Google knows that Donald Trump has been King of Trends for well over a year. It is a rare day indeed when something or someone replaces Trump as the most trending word or phrase. There are several reasons for this. First, Trump was a celebrity long before becoming a political candidate. Secondly, Trump is an ′outsider′ in an election cycle which would naturally favor an outsider. Thirdly, Trump is always saying or doing something that becomes a headline everyday. As they say, so long as they spell your name right, there is no such thing as bad publicity.

Even some items and actions by Trump that would be political suicide to a ′normal′ candidate seems to just roll off his back or even make him stronger. Most recently, after the ″Access Hollywood″ video, the L.A. Times daily tracking poll actually showed that 1% of respondents became MORE LIKELY to vote for Trump after the video. Only about 32% said they were less likely, and those were probably all Democrats anyway, as Gallup shows that 32% of Americans are.

Donald Trump is a political phenomenon unlike any other candidate we′ve ever seen before. That MoglA recognizes this is no surprise. The Artificial Intelligence, AI, system which is predicting Trump to win the election makes perfect sense. 200 million data points cannot be wrong! There has been a major backlash brewing in America from decades of corruption, stupidity and political correctness. Trump is a release valve! Voting for him is a way to blow off steam and stick a weed up the ass of The Establishment. Donald Trump, in this respect, is a Savior, a Redeemer. An instrument of the Hand of The People. Maybe more like a fist, or a middle finger? Whatever the case, any way you slice it, if an impartial, rational computer program thinks Trump will win, that is good enough for me!

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