Corruption thy name is Clinton! The latest batch of John Podesta emails released by WikiLeaks included one containing a 13-page memo from 2011 written by Douglas Band. Band is Bill Clinton′s right-hand man who oversees operations at the Clinton family charity foundation, which includes the Clinton Global Initiative, as well as the personal business affairs of ′Bubba′, himself. Doug Band did much of this through his consulting firm known as Teneo. Through Teneo, Band solicited donations for the Clinton Foundation and CGI from corporations like Coca Cola and Dow Chemical. He also pushed for the same donors to provide Bill Clinton with spendable income through board seats, speaking fees and other means. According to the 2011 memo, Band estimated that he had procured some $66 Million dollars worth of income for Bill Clinton over the next 9 years, if the contracts went full term. The memo from Doug Band introduces us to a new term for this operation to enrich the Clinton family, ‘Bill Clinton Inc’.

This ′bombshell′ is so explosive that even the New York Times and the Washington Post had to publish news stories about it on their front pages. Especially when you take it in the broader context of other emails which WikiLeaks has released, showing much concern by Podesta and others within the Hillary Clinton campaign of how all of this looks. The close ties between Clinton Foundation donors and personal income to the Clintons, the use of a private email server by Hillary Clinton while serving as Secretary of State, and the over all signs of a deliberate attempt to cover up any potential problems by deleting emails. Including those emails between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Now, supporters of Hillary are arguing that there is still no direct evidence of any ′Quid-Pro-Quo′ deals between donors and the State Department or US government official policies. Of course, one could say that the reason we haven′t found any yet is because of the 33,000 emails deleted by Hillary Clinton and her staff after the Congress issued a subpoena to review them. Not to mention the destruction of the hard drives of the private email server and of some 13 Blackberry phones and other devices.

One thing is certain is that this is just one more reason why not to trust and elect Hillary Clinton as president. The case is stronger that she will use the office to enrich herself and her family. As some would say, a leopard cannot change its spots. All of this is just more of the same sort of general corruption we have seen from Bill and Hillary Clinton since they first appeared on the national stage some 25 years ago. From White Water to Travel-Gate, to taking some $200,000 worth of furnishings from the White House when they left. These two characters have very sticky fingers! They are a national disgrace!

How will this latest gem from WikiLeaks effect the 2016 presidential race? Well, early voting may be telling us something. Republican turn out is higher than normal for early voting. Still, more Democrats are voting early, but, the numbers are way down compared to previous presidential elections. Some polls, such as the latest from Fox News, shows that Hillary Clinton′s support from African-American voters is way off, only around 82%. Even in other polls more skewed in favor of Democrat and Black voters, the percentage is still generally under 90%, much lower than when Barack Obama ran.

We are also seeing a trend line of an increase in support for Donald Trump among Independent voters. In many national and state polls, Trump is closing the gap and even leading in some where he had been behind. One poll in Pennsylvania shows Trump only 3-points behind, within the margin of error. States like Arizona, where Clinton was looking good, and Minnesota, where Clinton was considered a shoe-in, are getting tighter now that news of huge hikes in Obamacare premiums have hit. I don′t care how many Hispanic voters there are in Arizona, they are not going to like paying 116% more for their health insurance coverage! Minnesota is looking at a 70% hike and will be down to just one provider to their crippled health exchange.

So, are you surprised by the new WikiLeaks emails about ′Bill Clinton Inc′? Are you shocked that the Clinton Global Initiative and the rest of the charity foundation may have been used to earn Bubba some fat paychecks? Is it any wonder that Chelsea Clinton turned on Doug Bland after he denied her a job with Teneo, leading to another email about how ″the apple doesn′t fall far from the tree″? Or ″they kiss you on the cheek while stabbing you in the back″? Will these scandals of corruption, as well as the collapse of Obamacare, cost Hillary Clinton the White House? Donald Trump appears to be on the brink of winning the 2016 presidential campaign, if for no other reason than by default.

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