There are just 14 days, 2 weeks, before Election Day 2016 on November 8. Some new polls out this morning conflict with the phony polls we have seen recently showing Hillary Clinton ahead of Donald Trump by 10 to 12 percentage points. The latest national poll from CNN/ORC shows a 6-point race, which essentially makes it dead even within the margin of error. Some daily tracking polls, such as the L.A. Times/USC and the IBD/TIPP poll show only a 1-point race nationwide. Anyone who thinks that this presidential race is over is fooling themselves.

Now, there is no doubt a tougher road to victory for Donald Trump. The Democratic Party has many advantages, including voter fraud, a biased news media and rigged political system to favor Hillary Clinton. ′The Fix′ was in for her long ago. Just look at the FBI email probe. Turns out that way back in 2015, the long time Hillary Clinton shill, Terry McAuliffe, the current governor of Virginia, gave nearly $500,000 from his super PAC to the wife of the Deputy Director of the FBI, Andrew McCabe, who was in charge of the Clinton investigation. The wife, Jill McCabe, was running for a seat in the state senate last year. She also got over $200,000 from the Virginia Democratic Party, which McAuliffe oversees. According to the Wall Street Journal report, Andrew McCabe was promoted from running the Washington DC office for the FBI, to Deputy Director in February 2016.

Coincidence? Luck? Good timing? Things like this do not happen merely by accident. Especially in the Democratic Party! Unlike the GOP, they actually have a plan and work years in advance to execute it. This is why the subject of political corruption is working so well with the Donald Trump campaign. There is plenty of it and thanks to email hacks from WikiLeaks and DCLeaks, as well as from the occasional accidental act of journalism we have from time to time, the corruption is exposed.

Another big factor which will influence the final vote in November is the latest news from the Department of Health and Human Services that Obamacare premiums are set to skyrocket, again, come January, 2017. They would have liked to have kept a lid on this for a few more weeks, but the bureaucracy prevented that. Notices had to be mailed before the new enrollment period starts on November 1st. We′ve already been tipped off, anyway, as several major health insurance companies announced earlier that they were withdrawing their policies from numerous states. Obamacare is about to crash and burn and this will not sit well with voters.

On nearly every front, every issue, the Democratic Party is on the wrong side. The economy stinks! Our borders are being overrun. Terrorism is on the rise. The world is more dangerous. Our infrastructure is more rundown and vulnerable. The National Debt is out of control. Taxes and regulations are strangling the Middle Class and Small Business. Crime is increasing. Our culture and morality are declining into utter chaos.

Barack Obama is a phony president. He is a habitual liar and a sociopath, to boot! Obama recently spoke in Las Vegas, Nevada, complaining about a ′do-nothing-Congress′. This from the first president in US history to fail for five years in a row to deliver an annual federal budget! Thanks to his buddy, Harry Reid, who tied the US Senate into knots, all we had was a series of continuous spending bills repeating the over-bloated budget passed back in 2009 until the Republicans were given the Senate back in November of 2014. Obama also made history being the first president to preside when our US Treasury bonds were actually downgraded!

It does baffle me as to why these last two points are being talked as much out on the campaign trail? Donald Trump should have been mentioning this not only during his stump speeches, but also during the debates. But, then the corrupt Media had other plans, taking their orders from the corrupt Democratic Party and the corrupt Hillary Clinton campaign. Between DCLeaks, WikiLeaks and the Project Veritas videos, we see just how corrupt they all are.

The third and latest Project Veritas video shows Bob Creamer, who visited the White House over 300 times with over 40 meetings with Barack Obama, actually was instructed directly by Hillary Clinton to put protestors in duck costumes outside of Trump rallies. A clear violation of federal laws prohibiting coordination between campaigns and super PACs. Is the FBI or Justice Department going to do anything about this? Probably not unless Trump wins. If he does, then just watch how many elites fly off in their private jets to avoid prison!

There are many unknown factors in the 2016 Election cycle. Trump is unlike any candidate we′ve seen before. His rallies have been drawing tens of thousands while Hillary barely averages 400 people at best. Her running mate, Tim Kaine, was in Florida yesterday and spoke to a crowd of 30 people. Trump′s running mate, Mike Pence, was in Ohio over the weekend and cheered by over 20,000 people at one venue. There is clearly a huge enthusiasm gap in play here. Trump supporters who often wait 12 hours or more to attend a rally are certain to wait an hour or so to vote. The only way Hillary Clinton can get out her voters is to pay them money. As we are learning from the WikiLeaks email hacked from John Podesta, some are paid as much as $1500 to support Hillary.

With so many unknown variables in play, and so much angst from the discontented, I really do not know how this will end? If current global trends tell us anything, like Brexit or the potential success in Iceland of the Pirate Party (Yes, the ′PIRATE PARTY!!!), populism is sweeping the planet. The impact of such here would make Donald Trump a shoe-in to be our next president. But the Democratic Party is using every trick in the book to get Hillary Clinton elected. From coordinating with their allies in The Media, to paying violent protesters and those engaged in voter fraud.

The Electoral College map appears to favor Hillary Clinton based on ′external polls′, those published by The Media. But ′internal polls′, conducted privately by campaigns and other groups, show the races in the swing states to be very close. Just as the nationwide, daily tracking polls show. With just two weeks to go before Election Day 2016, its anyone′s guess as to who will win. We may have to wait for days after November 8 to learn the final outcome. If Donald Trump wins, the Democratic Party may be in big trouble as their world of corrupt politics is swept away by law and order. If Hillary Clinton wins, the Republican Party may be torn apart in a war between The Cucks of The Establishment and The People who actually vote and pay taxes. Maybe a new party will form? If so, I vote for copying the Iceland Pirate Party! Yo-Ho-Ho and a bottle of rum! Then I can wear an eye patch and carry a cutlass! Arrrgh, Matey!

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