The Department of Health and Human Services, DHHS, admitted Monday in a released report that come 2017, the so-called Affordable Care Act, ACA, will see a double digit hike in premium prices. Obamacare insurance providers in the 39 states that use the HealthCare.Gov website will increase prices by 22% to 25%. About one-in-five consumers will have only one provider available, too, as several insurance companies pull out of the program. Barack Obama′s signature, legacy program to insure all Americans has become a complete failure. Only a handful of state exchanges are expected to remain as the rest have closed due to being too expensive. Few young consumers have participated, which was a major element to make the program viable. Obama lied to the American people about the ACA from the very beginning, and now, those lies have become apparent.

Obamacare was sold as the solution to insuring some 40 Million Americans who had no health insurance. Instead, at best only some 12 Million signed up. Costs were suppose to drop an average of $2,500 per year, per family. Instead, costs have risen some $4,000 per year if not more. Obama promised that you could keep your plan from before the ACA. Instead, those plans are long gone. Obama promised that you could keep your doctor. Instead, there is no certainty if you will.

While Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Barack Obama were spreading their lies about the ACA, we on ′The Right′ warned everyone. Pelosi said that we had to pass the bill first before knowing what was in it. ′The Right′ didn′t need to read it for we knew all along that it went contrary to every single economic principle and theory. The Affordable Care Act was never about making the health insurance market more competitive, more ′sustainable′, or more fair. Obamacare was all about destroying the health insurance industry, clearing the way to bring about a single-payer, completely nationalized medical system.

Obamacare was a pack of lies. The Democratic Party is the sole owner of this fiasco. They never even bothered to try to work with Republicans on the ACA. Even the so-called ′health care summit′ held at the White House was a scam. Not a single proposal from Republicans was even considered. The Obama administration spent most of its first two years to get the program passed. Given that, at the time, Democrats controlled the entire government, and that most of the plan had been written long before the November 2008 election, you′d think that it should have been passed in 90 days. But no, it took all of 2009 and a good chunk of 2010, too!

By the summer of 2010, the American people were starting to balk. At town hall meetings across the country, Democrats were running into trouble. Angry citizens questioned their elected officials. In some cases, the town halls turned into ugly shouting matches. The whole affair gave rise to what became known as the Tea Party Revolution. In November of 2010, the Democratic Party lost control of the House of Representatives, a stinging rebuke for Nancy Pelosi, and even Barack Obama.

So here we are, late in 2016 with a national election just two weeks away. The last shoe has dropped with the news from the DDHS that an Obamacare premium hike by double digits is due in January. We on ′The Right′ knew it all along. Barack Obama, himself, had sneaked in changes to the Affordable Care Act such that most of the bad stuff about the ACA would not take place until he left office. His intention from the beginning was to wreck 17% of the US Economy, and make our health care system so bad that people would swallow a scheme yo simply nationalize it. That is exactly what Hillary Clinton will do should she be elected in 2 weeks.

Donald Trump, on the other hand, would not only end Obamacare once and for all, but restore free market forces back into the equation. Trump will restore competition in the market place and insurance premiums would actually drop while consumers have more options to choose from. The choice is very simple on November 8. Vote for Hillary Clinton and die in hospital hallways while you wait for treatments that will bankrupt you, if you live. Vote for Donald Trump and we will have a health care system that will be cheaper and better than even what we had before the curse of Obamacare. You might actually live longer to pay off those smaller health care bills.

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