Are you ready for tonight′s Season 7 premiere of ″The Walking Dead″? I certainly am! I need a break from politics. Actually, I have been watching other stuff, such as the Viceland TV series, ″Traveling The Stars: Action Bronson & Friends Watch Ancient Aliens″. Action Bronson, a rapper and foodie, watches the History Channel series ″Ancient Aliens″ with his rapper buddies while smoking vast quantities of marijuana. Yeah, its goofy and funny, but sometimes the mind needs a break. Not sure if we will get such a break from AMC-TV tonight as we finally learn who Negan kills. The producers of ″TWD″ have promised us viewers that it will be a very emotional episode and have advised that you do not watch it alone. You may need somebody to cuddle up and cry with.

The Walking Dead Season 7 premiere

As we last left our heroes, Rick and his group were trying to drive Maggie to the Hilltop community from their home at Alexandria as she began experiencing some internal pain, possibly due to her pregnancy. But, down each roadway, they ran into members of Negan′s group, The Saviors. Rick and his friends had killed about 20 or so of them, after being told by Jesus, one of the Hilltoppers, that that was about all there were. Oh, how wrong he was! Negan has a large following, and they are very sneaky and resourceful.

After toying with Rick′s bunch, The Saviors finally capture them. Rick and his companions also finally meet Negan, sporting a baseball bat wrapped with barbed wire. The bat has a name, too, Lucille. The last thing we saw during the Season 6 finale was Negan doing ″Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe″, to select which of Rick′s group he would murder with Lucille. Negan picked one and swung away, with a POV view as the camera lens runs red with blood before going dark.

All summer long, there has been endless speculation about who Negan killed. Fans of the graphic novel series know that Glenn is the victim. However, an advanced trailer shows one of Negan′s men, Dwight, wearing Daryl′s biker vest. In the graphic novels, there is no Daryl. In fact, the most Daryl-like character is Dwight. I won′t spoil what happens next in the novels, as it may ruin your TV viewing. Especially after one of the show′s producers released a statement about how Season 7 will follow the novels closer than previous seasons. There is also much chatter on the Internet that points to Abraham being the first of two victims of Negan and Lucille. Yep, two killed by Negan! There are other theories, other names, so it is anyone′s guess.

We also have another side plot, that of Morgan and Carol. Carol left Alexandria, deciding that she just couldn′t kill people anymore. She′s been killing quite a few lately, even keeping track in a diary. Morgan set off with Rick, at first, to find her to bring her back. After Rick returned to Alexandria, Morgan continued his search and eventually found Carol, saving her from a marauder, presumably a Savior. Morgan was forced to break his own code on not killing people to save Carol. Carol is wounded and needs help. They suddenly meet up with two strangers who turn out to be members of another community known as The Kingdom. Trailers for Season 7 show them being taken to The Kingdom where they meet their leader, Ezekiel. A rather dynamic character who keeps a pet tiger next to his throne!

The latest trailer which came out last weekend shows Negan being confronted by Rick after the head bashing. Rick tells Negan that he will have to kill him now. Big talk, considering their situation. But Rick has talked big before, with the Governor and the Termites, and came out on top. Negan is not impressed and drags Rick for a private chat in Rick′s RV. Looks like Rick may have a date with Lucille, too!

Such is life during the Zombie Apocalypse. Time-frame-wise, we are about two years or so into it. The zombies, or ′walkers′, as they are often called, have been a primary threat for most of the series. Villains like the Governor and the Termites were also secondary. Inconveniences that interfered with the basic job of survival. As we saw in Season 6, however, Rick′s group has proven themselves to be able to handle walkers irregardless of their numbers.

In past seasons, walkers were a big problem. Just running into a small bunch of them could cost Rick′s group a member or two. In some of the first episodes of Season 1, it often took several humans to over power and put down just one walker. But by Season 6, Rick′s group are fearless and battle hardened. When Alexandria was overrun by hundreds of walkers, Rick and company slaughtered them all. They even did a ′Pied-Piper-like′ march, leading thousands of walkers away. So, now, the walkers are an inconvenience. Other people, other groups, are the real threat.

This is why AMC-TV′s ″The Walking Dead″ has become such a popular series. It often ranks Number One in the ratings and its fan base is massive and loyal. The evolution of Rick Grimes and his friends has been fun to watch as they deal with the rigors of daily survival. Rick has gone from a pleasant, normal, family man who always tried to be helpful and considerate to a guy who would bite off half of your neck if you threaten his family and friends. Their attack on one batch of Saviors last season was outright murder. Even before that, Rick was ready to kill anyone who just wasn′t cooperating.

Now, Rick may have met his match with Negan. Negan is as ruthless as Rick is. Probably more so. One trailer shows Negan walking through a compound and members of his own group, The Saviors, bow on bended knee as he passes by. That is known as RESPECT! With a heaping dose of FEAR on the side! Negan and The Saviors will be the biggest challenge for Rick and his group to date. If the graphic novels are followed even slightly, then Season 7 of ″The Walking Dead″ will be the best one yet. As I said earlier, despite spoilers, trailers and rumors, it is anyone′s guess as to who, or even how many, of Rick′s group die at the hands of Negan tonight. But we are promised by the show′s producers that it will be brutal and emotional. So nuke some popcorn and stock up on tissues. This will be drama of an extreme nature.

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