Donald Trump will appear in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania today to address a rally on what he will do during the first 100 days of his presidency. Some are calling this Trump′s ′Contract With America′. There are also reports that Trump will even sign some sort of written document, pledging to carry out the agenda he will outline today. Donald Trump appeared last night on the Fox News Channel program, ″Hannity″, giving Sean Hannity a taste of what he will say today.

″Sean, I want to do it tomorrow, I don′t want to do it right now. I really want to do it tomorrow. I can only say I want to make America great again. We have so many problems. The taxes are too high – we′re going to reduce them. Our borders are weak, our regulations are crazy, drugs are pouring into the country, people are coming into the country that really shouldn′t be coming into the country. We have drug lords and criminals and murderers, and what′s going on in this country is incredible.″

Some Trump aides and surrogates are building up today′s speech as a ″last pitch″, offering some new policies and ideas on what Trump will do during his first months in office. This past week, Trump has offered new plans on political reforms, intended to ″Drain the Swamp″ that is Washington, DC. Donald Trump promises to offer legislation to begin the process for a Constitutional Amendment to put term limits on the House and Senate of Congress. He also will move to put further restrictions on former elected and appointed officials to become lobbyists. Under Trump′s proposal, these former officials will have to wait five years before joining a lobbying company. Trump also wants a total, life-long ban on elected and appointed officials from becoming lobbyists for foreign governments and concerns.

The Donald Trump Gettysburg address which he will deliver today will set the tone for the remaining 17 days of the presidential campaign. While Hillary Clinton lies low and out of site, she is depending on supporters like Madonna who is offering oral sex in exchange for votes for Hillary, and Katy Perry who is encouraging women to go to the polls naked or topless to attract men to vote for Hillary. Why is Hillary Clinton not condemning such objectification of women? This is certainly much worse than anything Trump may have said or allegedly done. But, as usual, The Media ignores anything bad about Hillary. Even how she tried to get a $12 Million dollar gift from the King of Morocco, which even her gal-pal, Huma Abedin, thought was a bit too much according to leaked WikiLeaks emails.

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