James O′Keefe′s Project Veritas latest video has cost Bob Creamer and Bob Foval their jobs. Both Creamer and Foval were high ranking officials of Americans United for Change, AUC, a political group which had been performing work for the Hillary Clinton campaign. The undercover video by Project Veritas was part of an investigation into how the Democratic Party was engaged in various dirty tricks conducted during this election. Foval was a national field director for AUC and the head of his own political org, The Foval Group. The undercover video recorded Foval bragging about how Creamer, who was head of his own org, Democracy Partners, and himself had staged the riot in Chicago outside a Donald Trump rally. In the video, Foval explains who they were hired by the Clinton campaign through the DNC in an attempt to provide ′buffers′ and deniability.

So, allow me to first apologize to ′The Bernie People′ those supporters of Bernie Sanders, whom I had blamed as being involved in the violent protests at Trump rallies. While some of his supporters may have been on scene, even taken the money offered by Creamer and Foval to protest, the ultimate blame falls squarely on the shoulders of Hillary Rodham Clinton.

In the first of the two videos from Project Veritas, Scott Foval explains how he undertook ″conflict engagement″, hiring the ″mentally ill″ to start fights and create violence outside of Trump rallies. He specifically takes credit for the riot in Chicago, which caused Donald Trump to cancel a rally at the University of Illinois, where many people, including some Trump supporters and policemen, were physically injured. There had also been considerable property damage, as well as stopping traffic on roads and a nearby highway.

In the second video, Foval brags about committing voter fraud, busing people from outside of Wisconsin, his home state, and getting them to vote in Wisconsin elections. He even purchased cars with Wisconsin license plates to make these interlopers appear to be residents. He also confirms that the Democratic Party has been practicing tactics like ′bird-dogging′ Republican candidates with dirty tricks. Foval named Bob Creamer as the man who ″comes up with a lot of these ideas″. Creamer, as it turns out, has been a regular visitor at the Barack Obama White House, going there some 344 times including over 40 personal chats with Obama himself.

Voter Fraud operations is a standard tactic of the Democratic Party. The busing in extra voters from other states into places like Iowa, Ohio, Michigan and Indiana, and fighting in the courts to keep some 4 million dead people on voter rolls, are just two of these tactics. This is a far cry from the dirty tricks played by the old Nixon reelection campaign, where the FBI actually investigated the act of doing a ′pizza prank′ on the Edmund Muskie campaign headquarters in 1972. What people like Bob Creamer and Bob Foval do goes way beyond such GOP pranks and are often, in fact, federal felonies.

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