During the third and final 2016 Presidential Debate last night, Donald trump caused another storm in The Media when he responded to a question by moderator Chris Wallace about not committing to the election results. Trump said, ″I′ll keep you is suspense.″ Atta-Boy, Donald! Keep′em guessing! The Media went ballistic over this, naturally, since Trump clobbered Hillary Clinton during the debate on every issue. He even managed to bring up the new video by Project Veritas about how the Clinton campaign, DNC and the Barack Obama White House has been behind the staged, violent protests outside of Trump rallies. Trump also nailed Hillary on the corruption of her family charity foundation, particularly on how they ripped off the people of Haiti. It truly was a bad night for Hillary Clinton as Donald Trump exposed her fully as being a corrupt, crooked, inept politician who has both bad instincts and judgment.

On the subject of election results, The Media is showing its blatant bias against Donald Trump. We have seen this specific argument coming as even Barack Obama has been stumping about it. However, Trump is absolutely correct in saying that our election system is rigged. That was certainly the case during the Democratic Party primaries where the DNC rigged the entire primary in favor of Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders. The GOP tried to rig their primaries against Trump, but it just didn′t work as the other candidates were too stupid to fully take advantage of the more subtle rules.

Even Joe Scarborough of MSNBC had to be honest for once and complain about The Media reaction to Trump′s answer last night. In 2000, Al Gore claimed that the election results in Florida were rigged and did not concede for over a month and even filed legal actions, sending the whole election to the Supreme Court. In 2004, John Kerry also believed that the election results in Ohio were rigged in favor of George W. Bush, though Kerry knew better than to make a stink about it. In fact, there have been some 8 major national and state elections in recent years where Democrats have made charges of voter fraud against Republicans.

Is our election system rigged? Of course it is! Just for starters, we basically have a two-party system. That is rigging right there. Third party and Independent candidates have a devil of a time even getting on ballots. More rigging! Just getting ballot proposals on key referendum issues is difficult. More rigging! Add to that the slip-shot way voter rolls are maintained and who is allowed to vote is heavily rigged. Nationwide, there are at least some 4 Million dead people on voter rolls. Attempts to get them removed become major legal battles. In many states and communities, you don′t even have to be a citizen to vote.

Then we have The Media and how they manipulate the flow of news to voters before an election. Even during it, too! For example, they pick and choose which polls to publicly show and discuss. Usually polls which are heavily skewed in favor of Democrats. They rarely mention the L.A. Times daily tracking poll, which usually has some 3 times more respondents in their samplings. Or the Investor Business Daily/TIPP poll, which currently shows Donald Trump ahead by one point. By the way, the IBD/TIPP poll was the most accurate one in 2012 and 2008. Even Nate Silver over at 538 admits to that fact.

Voter fraud has been a historic problem in America, as well as the rest of the world. I remember the old book from the early 1990s, ″Vote Scam″, which detailed how the League of Women Voters was in on ballot box stuffing in Dade County, Florida. The authors presented their evidence, which included videotape of the fraud, to the then State Attorney General in Florida, Janet Reno, but she dismissed them. Reno went on to become Attorney General for Bill and Hillary Clinton in 1993.

Funny how it is that one day, Barack Obama talks about how Donald Trump harming the very concept of democracy in America, while just weeks earlier, Obama talked about how Russia may try to hack our election systems. You can bet your bottom dollar that if Trump wins in November, Hillary Clinton will have a fit and scream bloody murder about how the election results were tampered. She′ll bring up the whole Russian hacker thing and how Republican governors were suppressing the voter rolls by preventing the dead from voting.

What this all boils down to is deflection. The real issues, like our anemic economy, our failing health care system, the threat of terrorism, the threat of illegal immigrants and a $20 Trillion dollar National Debt, are being covered up. Mind you, Hillary Clinton has her fingerprints on some $15 Trillion dollars of that Debt! No wonder Bernie Sanders said she has ″bad judgment″ and why even David Axelrod said Hillary has ″bad instincts″.

Unlike Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump does not have any fingerprints on any of the real problems that face our country. Hillary has been directly behind much of the failings which have put America on the wrong track. Can anyone honestly believe her remarks last night during the last 2016 Presidential Debate that she will not add ″one cent″ to the National Debt? Okay, so she′ll raise taxes on the wealthy who earn more than $250,000 per year. Even if you confiscated all of the earnings of the top 5% of income earners, you still would not have enough money to balance the budget. This fact only gets worse if the Federal Reserve starts raising interest rates as they should have been doing years ago.

Donald Trump won the last 2016 Presidential Debate last night at UNLV over Hillary Clinton. He managed to slip in all sorts of suppressed news items, like the Project Veritas video on Hillary and the DNC paying for the violent protests at Trump rallies. All she did last night was lie! Hillary lied about everything, including how her family charity foundation uses 90% of the donations to help people. Its closer to 15%, if even that. Was there more that Trump could have said? Of course! Hillary Clinton is one of the biggest crooks in American political history. Heck, Bill and Hillary Clinton left the White House in 2001 stealing some $200,000 of furnishings. They are simply despicable and dishonest. Shame on them and shame on The Media for defending these crooks!

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