The third and last 2016 Presidential Debate is tonight at 9pm EDT. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will square off at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas. Chris Wallace of the Fox News Channel will be the moderator. The 90-minute debate will cover topics like the National Debt, Entitlements, Immigration, the Economy, the Supreme Court and Foreign Policy. Naturally, the subject of ′fitness to be President′ will also be raised. How this last matter will be framed is a big question mark. Will Chris Wallace spend an equal amount of time on scandals of both? Hardly seems ′fair and balanced′ as the number of Hillary Clinton scandals far outweighs those allegedly connected to Trump.

Let us face facts. One could question Hillary Clinton easily for 90 minutes about all of her scandals and still not touch half of them! I won′t even include the latest story published by the National Enquirer on Hillary′s sexual infidelities. If you just stuck with her scandal involving her use of a private email server, the efforts to cover it up, the Clinton charity foundation, and other goodies from WikiLeaks and DCLeaks, you would have needed all three presidential debates and each would have had to been at least three hours long!

Then, if you actually ever get around to discussing actual policy issues and how each candidate would direct the country, that would be about another 2-hour debate. After all, there is not much to really discuss. Hillary Clinton will just be a continuation of the lame-brain, corrupt Barack Obama administration. We would have another 4 to 8 years of inept leadership, an anemic economy, more wars and terrorism, and the National Debt would double again! Donald Trump is the only true agent of genuine change running for president. Trump would be a new broom, sweeping out the dirt and muck in Washington. Perhaps even a wrecking ball that would smash the corruption in our political-economic system out of existence!

If you watch the liars in The Media, you might think that the election′s outcome is already determined. Most of the polls show Hillary leading both nationwide and in most of the crucial swing states. However, those polls are generally skewed in favor of Hillary from the outset, as they have a much larger base of Democratic Party respondents. A recent CNN/ORC poll consisted of 58% of Democrats while Republicans and Independents combined made up the other 42%. Even the latest Fox News poll, which shows Hillary ahead by 6-points, is skewed 5-points higher in favor of Democrats. The ′excuse′ for this skewing is based on voting results from 2012. However, other surveys show that since then, Independents have increased to making up some 40% or more of the electorate, with Democrats in the low 30% range and Republicans in the high 20% range.

Other major factors are enthusiasm and new voter registration. In 2012, some 4 Million fewer Republicans voted than in 2008 due to a lack of enthusiasm for Mitt Romney. Even Barack Obama came up short by a few million voters. This year, we saw a 60% increase in GOP voters during the primary season with a 20% decline for Democrats. Donald Trump set an all new record for Republican primary voters by more than 3 Million over George W. Bush, the last record holder. Even now, Trump has set a record for individual donors contributing money just last week. So whatever talk about Trump losing supporters may not be very accurate at all.

Many of Donald Trump′s core supporters are made up of people who have either never voted before, or have not voted in many years. Therefore, they may not be part of any pool of voters whom polling companies can contact. This is the big question mark which makes all polling virtually useless. We still see Trump drawing massive crowds at his many rallies across America. A couple of recent polls even show Trump doing better with Black and Hispanic voters after the Access Hollywood video.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton is in hiding. She hardly ever appears in public and when she does, her rallies tend to have just 300 or so attending. Hillary′s post-convention bump melted away after questions about her health emerged following her fainting during a 9/11 memorial. While her email scandal has not diminished her core supporters much, the WikiLeaks and DCLeaks emails do seem to be having an impact on Millennials and Independents. Aside from proof in the DCLEaks emails that the DNC worked with the Clinton campaign to rig the primaries against Bernie Sanders, the latest batch of emails from WikiLeaks shows that they think Bernie is a ″doofus″. That will not sit well with many of his supporters.

Of course, the Hillary Clinton scandals would have more of an effect if The Media actually reported on them. CNN and MSNBC hardly mention them and the old broadcast networks are even worse. The new undercover video from Project Veritas showing collusion between the White House, the DNC and the Hillary Clinton campaign with staging violent protests outside of Donald Trump rallies is nearly being completely ignored. Even Fox News is hardly mentioning it.

So what will happen tonight during the third and last 2016 Presidential Debate in Las Vegas? One thing for sure, the game is on! Donald Trump has invited Patricia Smith, mother of Sean Smith who died in Benghazi thanks to Hillary Clinton, who lied directly to Mrs. Smith′s face. Trump has also invited none other than Malik Obama, Barack Obama′s half-brother, who has thrown his support to Trump. To counter this, Hillary has once again invited Mark Cuban and also is dragging in Meg Whitman. The showdown at UNLV tonight may be an exception to the golden rule that ′What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas′. I wonder if moderator Chris Wallace will eat any meatloaf before the show? Speaking of which, the presidential debate will be carried by all of the news networks, as well as being carried by many websites for live video streaming.

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