Two new bombshells exploded in the news yesterday that may spell more trouble for Democrats. First, we have another document dump by the FBI on the Hillary Clinton email investigation. Turns out that a State Department official, Patrick Kennedy, offered a ′Quid Quo Pro′ deal for the FBI to change the email classification. In particular, one email concerning the Benghazi attack. Kennedy offered to add additional posts for FBI agents at our embassies around the world. The second bombshell came from the James O′Keefe group, Project Veritas. They secretly recorded a conversation with Scott Foval, well known within the Democratic Party. His Foval Group was paid to stage the Donald Trump protests, including the one in Chicago where violence broke out, forcing Trump to cancel his rally. Foval bragged in the video about being paid for these actions by the Hillary Clinton campaign and the DNC with the approval of the Barack Obama White House.

Sort of makes you wonder who might be behind the fire-bombing of the GOP office in North Carolina the other day? Naturally, ′The Media′ is downplaying both stories. Let me correct that! They are downplaying the FBI story and completely ignoring the Veritas video. One would think that some video may lend credibility to the charges, just as The Media gave to the 2005 Access Hollywood video? Surely The Media should lend some credibility to the FBI documents. Haven’t they been defending the decision by the FBI for not recommending that charges be filed against Hillary Clinton?

The bottom line on this is the outright corruption on our political system. The WikiLeaks email releases have been showing a great deal of this, including alleged ties of Saudi Arabia and Qatar being known funding sources for the terrorist group the Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL. Qatar in particular is interesting as another WikiLeaks email from John Podesta shows that the government of Qatar allegedly wanted a private meeting with Bill Clinton in order to give him a $1 Million dollar check for his birthday back in 2012. This was in addition to a $20 Million dollar pledge to the Clinton charity foundation.

With everything we have learned in the past few months, it is crystal clear that Bill and Hillary Clinton are perhaps two of the most corrupt politicians in US history. The cover-up and flood of lies surrounding the Benghazi attack and all of the ′pay-for-play′ schemes by Clinton donors has become a mountain. Comparing this with Watergate and Richard Nixon comparing the Super Bowl with a children′s pick-up game on a slow side street. When Nixon tried to get the FBI and Justice Department to play ball on covering up Watergate, a bunch of officials resigned. With the Clinton scandal, it seems that half or more of the entire federal government is part of the cover-up.

The Project Veritas video is damning as well, showing probable criminal activity, coordinated with the Hillary Clinton campaign and the DNC. It is a federal felony to cross state lines to foment rioting. Just as with the email scandal, Obama and his White House staff also have their fingerprints on this activity. This is one big mess that demands a special prosecutor to sort it all out. If she is elected, her time in the Oval Office will be mired in probes and scandals. Seeing as how there are some 10 Million or more dead people still on the voter rolls, giving the Democratic Party an advantage to rig the election for Hillary, you may as well prepare for the worse.

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