Is Western Civilization being deliberately destroyed? Author Christopher Green answers ′Yes′ to that question in his new book, ″LIBERTY VIOLATED: Untold Stories of the Seven Deadly Betrayals Breaking Down Western Civilization″. The book is self-published by Green and available as a download through Click2Sell for $19.97. Christopher Green takes us through history around the world, giving us examples on how liberty is being destroyed on purpose. From the American Civil War, through World War One and the rise of Marxism, to conflicts in the Middle East, the Balkans and Africa, Green identifies the perpetrators and their methods. There is little doubt that individual freedom is at stake.

Liberty Violated

I have read many books like this one. This is information that is not taught in schools. Never mentioned by The Media. Dismissed by corrupt politicians. ″LIBERTY VIOLATED″ is another book one needs to read to understand that only Western Civilization offers Mankind individual freedom. No other ideology, system or philosophy does so! This is why Western Civilization is special and precious. It must be defended! But to defend it, first you need to understand what it is and why it is so important and vital to us all.

In ″LIBERTY VIOLATED″, Christopher Green outlines the impact of Western Civilization and how the forces of Marxism and Islamic fundamentalism are working to destroy our freedom. Whether it is Multiculturalism, Progressive politics, or radical Islam, the goal is the same. To bring individuals to heel and rule over them with tyranny. Some do it by gun point, others with guilt, or poisonous religions. The method matters only in recognizing its process, beyond that they all share the same outcome.

This is a fundamental flaw inherent in all stripes of Liberalism. Like ′Outcome-based education′ the goal is the key. You direct and stack the deck for a specific outcome, irregardless of whether it is true or not. While Conservatism is based on reality, Liberalism is based on fantasy, a lie. The lie that that we can legislate away any problem. Good and Evil do exist, but they occur naturally and no number of laws can change the inevitable.

Christopher Green takes us on a journey through history, stopping off at key moments when and where Mankind′s fate hangs in the balance. To govern ourselves as a free people, or to submit to the rule of others. Even those who claim to have good intentions while they slap on the chains of slavery.

″LIBERTY VIOLATED″ observes these crucial moments in history where the light of freedom is dimmed by Evil ′do-gooders′ and tyrants alike. Neither have our best interests at heart, only the thirst for power and greed. Oh, they try to make excuses for why you should be submissive to their will. If you don′t do so, then there is something wrong with you!

So if you are interested in saving Western Civilization and individual freedom, then read ″LIBERTY VIOLATED″ by Christopher Green. You can download a copy for $19.97 at This is information that is not discussed much at all in our Mainstream world. The powers that be do not want you to look behind the curtain and see what is really going on. You certainly won′t learn this material while attending Harvard or Yale. Even your local public elementary school avoids such knowledge.

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