WikiLeaks has dumped another 1,054 emails from Hillary Clinton campaign manager, John Podesta, bringing the total now to 12,073. In this 9th batch of emails, Julain Assange as included those with full transcripts of the Hillary Clinton speeches to Goldman Sachs, who paid her $225.000 each in speaking fees for the three, 20-minute speeches. We had glimpses of these in earlier dumps, including one where she claimed during the second presidential debate to have been about Abraham Lincoln. This is the one where she explained why she says one thing to the public and another in private. Basically, as Donald Trump pointed out, blaming ′Honest Abe′ for why Hillary lies all the time.

What we read is more confirmation that Hillary Clinton is bought and paid for by Wall Street, Big Business, and the Globalists. Not that we didn′t know this already. As they say over at /pol/ on, ″Illuminati Confirmed″! Hillary Clinton is all about the money. She wants to hand over the entire economy to the oligarchs and monopolists. That is, so long as she and her husband Bill Clinton get their slice of cheese being the rats that they are.

This has been the basic pattern so far in these WikiLeaks email releases. Confirmation! We suspected, or just plain assumed, that Hillary Clinton and her staff deliberately obstructed justice by deleting embarrassing emails after Congress issued a subpoena for her emails. Sure enough, they did just that! The Podesta emails show not only how there was political pressure put on the Justice and State Departments and the FBI by the Barack Obama White House, but also that the White House knew all along about Hillary Clinton using a private email server. So much for Obama′s claim that he learned about it from the news.

Not only was the White House involved, but also Hillary′s staff discussed plans to delete any emails from the White House, especially those from Obama to Hillary before turning over any documents to Congress. The Wikileaks email dumps also confirm that there was indeed much ′pay-for-play′ activity between the State Department and the Clinton charity foundation. Donors were giving large sums of cash to the foundation in exchange for favors and access to then Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.

As far as new, unknown bombshells, we haven′t really seen any yet from WikiLeaks. However, Julian Assange has promised that the release of emails is going in a structured way, from least to worst, with the worst yet to come. So, for the time being, all we are getting is mostly confirmation of suspected corruption by Hillary Clinton. Such as, for example, hints that under her guidance, weapons were being supplied to various rebel groups in and around Syria with direct ties to terrorist orgs like Al Qaeda and the Islamic State, a.k.a. ISIS or ISIL.

The puzzle pieces are adding up, thanks to WikiLeaks. What the whole picture is, we′ll have to wait and see. But just from what we know now, it won′t be very pretty and even if Hillary Clinton winds up winning in November, there is enough new material to launch a thousand Congressional hearings. Is this what we really want or need now? Another president bogged down by scandal and corruption? A Constitutional crisis? That is the price for electing her. An America mired in more political nonsense.

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