Looks like the attempt by the Hillary Clinton campaign and their allies in The Media to deflect from Bill Clinton′s sexual assaults has failed. Most of the stories by Donald Trump accusers which have been paraded out by The Media have been debunked. I knew from the first that the story told by Jessica Leeds about being groped in the 1st Class section of a commercial jetliner was false. Had she said they went to the restroom together, I could buy that, but, then that would imply consent on her part. There was just no way Trump could have been like an ′octopus′ all over her. But it gets even better, folks, so fold up your trays and fasten your seat belts. We′re in for a bumpy ride!

I′ll start with the Jessica Leeds story, as she was the first to come forward. Plus, there is considerable evidence now available to debunk her story. For starters, it turns out that her claim that the flight was on board a Boeing 707 is false. Baniff Airlines used only 727s for that route at the time. Okay, so she doesn′t know the difference. Well, the New York Times reporters who wrote this pack of lies should have checked it out before going to print! Her claim that Trump put the center arm rest up is also false. Their First Class seats did not have folding arm rests! DING! Round Three we owe to a passenger who sat across the aisle from Trump and Leeds.

Last night on ″Justice with Judge Jeanine Pirro″ on the Fox News Channel, she had on as a guest Anthony Gilberthorpe. He was in the 1st Class section of the Braniff flight from Dallas-Fort Worth to New York. According to him, nothing inappropriate happened. Furthermore, he recalls that she wore a white pantsuit, not a dress as she claimed. Kind of hard to feel up her dress while she′s wearing pants, eh? Gliberthorpe goes on to say that Leeds was excited about being next to Trump. When Trump went to the restroom, he talked with her and she allegedly told Gilberthorpe that she wanted to marry Donald Trump! We also now learn that Leeds is quite active in Democratic Party politics and various political groups friendly with Hillary Clinton. Ding-Ding! Knockout blow!

A number of the women whom had been beauty pageant contestants were debunked almost immediately by others who were present during the alleged undesired kissing and such. These witnesses also claimed that Trump never entered their dressing rooms while the contestants were changing clothes. So, I don′t think we need to go much further with this group of accusers.

Next, we have the photographer, Mindy McGillivary, who claims that Trump ″nudged her from behind″ when doing a photoshoot at Trump′s Mar-a-Largo resort in Florida on January 24, 2003. She told a local newspaper in Florida that Trump grabbed her at a Ray Charles concert. But, GotNews.com has determined that the Ray Charles concert was three weeks earlier. The photo she claimed she took of Donald Trump, Melania and Ray Charles actually happened on January 1st, 2003, and according to a search of Getty Images, was taken by Davidoff Photos Studio.

A couple of the other accusations have yet to be fully debunked, but, my guess is that they will. The trend is certainly going that way. One of the more recent accusers, former ″Apprentice″ contestant, Summer Zervos, is coming under scrutiny. One of her cousins was also a guest on Judge Jeanine Pirro′s show last night and he not only did he accuse his cousin of lying about the allegations, but told Judge Pirro that Zervos actually convinced him to vote for Trump! He said that she had nothing but high praise for Trump until very recently. Seems that she tried to get Trump to visit her restaurant earlier this year, but he didn′t do so. An email from Zervos inviting Trump has surfaced and has been made public.

So, what is this really all about? This is an attempt by the Hillary Clinton campaign and her allies in The Media to smear Donald Trump and to deflect from Hillary and Bill Clinton scandals. Not only Bill′s sexual assaults but also Hillary′s role in the case of Kathy Shelton, whom Hillary slammed as a 12 year-old child trying to make her look like some tramp. Of course, the timing on the release of hacked emails by WikiLeaks is also part of the calculus here.

Even before the debunking began, however, the latest polls are showing that these revelations and accusations about Donald Trump are not having any negative effect. In some cases, they may even be helping him! The new Washington Post/ABC News poll shows that some 67% say the allegations make no difference and 1% of these voters are actually MORE LIKELY to vote for Trump! In the LA Times daily tracking polls, we are actually seeing improvement with Black and Hispanic male voters for Trump. Seems that the Homies are for the Macho Man!

The overall impact of this is just making Hillary Clinton and The Media look more foolish. Nobody cares what Trump may have done in the past. This election cycle is all about achieving results. Donald Trump is still the ′Change Agent′ who is viewed as somebody who can get the job done and ′Make America Great Again′. Hillary Clinton is still looking like a tired, old, worn out rag who does nothing but lie and cheat. The same goes for The Media, which has become so blatantly biased that their trust factor is rapidly tanking out. Yeah, we still have some 23 days to go before Election Day, although many are already voting now. As I′ve been saying, the basic choice we have is electing either a strong, successful Alpha Male, or a lying, cheating, crazy cat lady. Hillary didn′t help herself on that one this week talking about watching cat gifs on the Internet. No wonder she′s in hiding!

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