Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama both appear to be beating the war drums when it comes to Russia. Tensions have been building for weeks as talks about the fighting in Syria fail. Now, both the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Obama administration are blaming Russia for the various hacking of emails of the DNC and Hillary staffers. The White House says that there will be a ″measured response″ to this alleged cyber-war. But, so far, no real case has been made yet proving that Russia is behind these hacks. Julian Assange of WikiLeaks has denied involvement by Russia. Meanwhile, the Russian government is warning its citizens to be prepared for war.

Obama Russia War

The situation is Syria went from bad to worse a couple of months ago when a Turkey shot down a Russian jet which they claim violated their airspace. Russia denied that their fighter-bomber entered Turkey′s airspace and, in fact, the plane crashed several miles in northern Syria. Then the United States and other nations began to sound charges of war crimes against Russia after some civilian casualties from the bombing campaign in Syria. After one recent attack on Allepo, the photograph of a small Syrian child sitting in a waiting room at a hospital went viral globally.

When WikiLeaks and other hacker groups began releasing damaging emails about the Hillary Clinton campaign, as well as about her own email scandal and of possible ′pay-for-play′ tactics by the Clinton Foundation charity, the only recourse to deflect the content of these hacked emails was to blame the hackers. Even the Obama White House, including Barack Obama himself, are charging that Russia is behind the hackers and is doing this to influence our elections. Obama′s Department of Homeland Security has even suggested that they take control of the election process away from the local and state authorities because of potential cyber attacks on voting machines. Such an action would essentially hand the vote counting over to the Obama administration, which supports Hillary Clinton.

After John Kerry walked out of talks with the Russians on Syria, the situation between the United States and Russia has been as dangerous as it was back in the early 1960s during the Cold War. Perhaps the Trump campaign should come up with their own version of the ′Daisy Commercial′ used by LBJ in 1964 against Barry Goldwater? They could run audio of comments by Hillary Clinton and Obama while showing images of bombers and missiles flying as nuclear weapons explode! Even Green Party candidate, Jill Stein, has declared that it appears that Hillary Clinton wants a war with Russia!

Meanwhile, Obama and Hillary continue to deny any notion that the Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL, poses any ″existential threat″ to America. The fact that Russia is bombing ISIS has become lost in our body of politics. Well, almost lost. I happened to come across an event on C-SPAN which took place on Thursday, October 13, 2016. The event was a seminar hosted by the Bipartisan Policy Center and Kansas State University on the subject of ′Biological Threat Preparedness′. The speakers were former Senator Tom Daschle, former Congressman Mike Rogers, former Chief of Staff, retired General Richard Meyers, and the president of the BPC, Jason Grumet.

According to General Meyers, during a recent raid in Syria, a laptop computer was captured belonging to a high-level operations officer of ISIS. One of the items in its files was information pertaining to ISIS seeking biological weapons. The file document said that ISIS needs to explore this option as biological weapons are much more easier and cheaper to acquire, develop and deliver. The BPC forum last Thursday spent much time on several potential biological threats which we are not well prepared to handle.

Along with more familiar types of biological threats, such as anthrax and Ebola, there are also dangerous threats posed by various diseases and blights which could impact out food supply. Right now, in Bangladesh and Afghanistan, there are wheat blights ravaging crops. These could easily be acquired by ISIS and introduced to America through the Syrian refugee program. The impact on our food supply, and economy, would be devastating! It should be noted that the most destructive natural disaster in the history of the United States was the Chinese chestnut blight which nearly wiped out some 4 Billion of the American chestnut trees from existence around 1900. Before it, it was often said that a squirrel in Maine could leap from chestnut tree to chestnut tree all the way to the Mississippi River. Today, there is one small stand of American chestnut trees in Wisconsin.

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are playing with fire as they make their baseless accusations against Russia. The Russians are worried. So worried that they are advising their citizens to find out where the nearest shelter is should an attack occur. Russia has been invaded several times and each time the effect was devastating. During World War 2, Russia bore the brunt of the Nazi German war machine, about 75% of the Germany Army, causing some 25-30 Million Russian deaths. Whole towns were wiped out! Russia has a deep, paranoia engrained in their psychology. When someone like Obama or Hillary start making threats against them, they take it seriously.

Unlike both Obama and Hillary, who do not take the threats posed by ISIS seriously at all. Even though radical Islamic terrorism is working its way through Europe, turning whole communities into ′No-Go-Zones′ for local police. Nations like Sweden are experiencing wide spread attacks on its ethnic-European population from Muslims. In Germany, the government is advising its citizens to stock up on extra food and water in the event of a terrorist attack.

The choice is very clear this November. A vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote for war with Russia. The Obama administration may even use this as an excuse to seize control of the election process and rig the outcome in favor of Hillary. Once again, America is at a crossroads. Hillary Clinton will start a war to make herself appear strong as well as use it for cracking down on free speech and other rights of our citizens. Also, to help her fat-cat banker friends on Wall Street. Donald Trump is the candidate of peace, love and cooperation. Trump will work and negotiate with our allies to make the world safe for all from the threats posed by radical Islamic terrorism. This is a fight which we should be working with the Russians, not against them. But, as the WikiLeaks emails show, Obama and Hillary Clinton are actually arming terrorist groups like ISIS. Why is our Media not talking about that I wonder?

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