Yesterday in West Palm Beach, Florida, Donald Trump delivered perhaps one of the best speeches he has given so far in the 2016 presidential race. It was ′Classic Trump′ times 10! He blasted everybody, from Crooked Hillary Clinton to her allies in The Media. Trump also went into more detail on why he is so hated by ′The Establishment′, who are all ′Globalists′. Why they want a world with no borders, ending national sovereignty. Donald Trump told the huge crowd why these Globalists want Hillary Clinton to save their bacon, so they can keep their boots on the necks of ′Everyday Americans′. That term, ′Everyday Americans′, is hated by Hillary Clinton, as we have learned in the WikiLeaks emails released this week.

Yes, Hillary Clinton hates everyday Americans. She hates Christians, especially Catholics, Jews, and even certain ethnic groups, like Hispanics. Of course, she hates Trump supporters most of all, as they either belong in a ′basket of deplorables′ or are just simply irredeemable. Just march them off to the camps already! Hillary doesn′t think much of women, either, especially those who have had relations with her husband. Oddly enough, both Michelle and Barack went on the attack yesterday against Trump for being insulting to women. How odd it is that back in 2008, The Media completely ignored how Barack struck a girl in prep school, knocking her to the ground? According to his own ′autobiography′, ″Dreams From My Father″, Obama wrote that the chubby Black girl had a crush on him, which he did not reciprocate. Probably explains why Obama has had no problems with his ′War on Women′ during his term in the White House.

Funny how that Media works! Just on Wednesday, after the latest revelations about Trump allegedly kissing and groping women, ABC and NBC News spent 9 minutes on that topic, while ABC News spent only 30 seconds on the Hillary WikiLeaks story. NBC News spent no time at all on WikiLeaks. CBS News spent 5 minutes on Trump and only 26 seconds on WikiLeaks. Oh no, The Media is not biased, are they? Rrrright!!!

I enjoyed watching Donald Trump rail against The Establishment and their Globalist agenda. He needs to keep doing more of that. Last night at a massive Trump rally in Cincinnati, Ohio, with at least 15-20 thousand people attending, the crowd gave The Media a hard time. Trump is not losing support as much as The Media would like you to believe. On the contrary, all of this mud-slinging is just making the Trump voters more resolved. Donald Trump is in full combat mode, ready to take the fight against the Globalists on behalf of the ′Everyday American′ people. Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, is already lying low, out of site, after her dismal appearance with Al Gore. She has no public events planned until after the next and last debate on Wednesday. Maybe she′s tired and worn out? No stamina? Or no guts?

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