Julian Assange of WikiLeaks is making good on his promise and has released two more batches of emails from John Podesta, campaign manager for Hillary Clinton. Some of these new emails show the same old corruption which has plagued the Clinton campaign from the start. Of rigging and collusion between the campaign, the DNC and members of The Media. In one such email released by WikiLeaks, we have Donna Barsile, once CNN paid commentator and current chair of the DNC, tipping off Hillary Clinton on questions to be asked during a debate between Hillary and Bernie Sanders. In another, we learn that the Obama Justice Department gave the Clinton campaign a heads up about how a federal judge would rule on the release of emails from Hillary and her staff while working at the State Department. We even have an email from Jake Tapper of CNN congratulating John Podesta for getting the job as the head of the Clinton campaign!

The WikiLeaks emails on Hillary Clinton prove beyond any shadow of doubt that she is unfit to be president and should be prosecuted for corruption at the very least. In one email, Hillary says how she mocks Catholics and other Christians. She even hates the term ″everyday Americans″! A number of emails show how deep in the tank The Media is for Hillary. Some ′news′ organizations, like the New York Times, gave her a veto power over any quotes she, herself, made! The WikiLeaks story itself is heavily censored by The Media. While news coverage of the 2005 Trump tapes got nearly 200 minutes over this past weekend, the WikiLeaks email dump last Friday only got 19 minutes. Back during the Bill Clinton days in the White House, the ′breaking news′ about Paula Jones and her accusations got only some 16 minutes during its first few days.

So when Donald Trump says that The System, and the election, is rigged against him, he′s not kidding! The endless hand-ringing by Media charlatans feigning outrage over Trump′s comments while hardly saying a peep about similar, if not worse comments from rappers, pop singers, athletes, TV and film stars who attend White House events at the invitation of Barack Obama. The destruction of our culture has been an ongoing process now for over 60 years. The Media has done nothing to stop it, or even slow its pace.

Whatever you want to think about Trump, Hillary Clinton is more than ten times worse. She, her family and staff have nothing but contempt for the American People. They have broken every rule of decency and have soiled our nation with their graft and corruption. Whether it is The Media or the departments and agencies of the United States Government, Hillary Clinton, and her team, have fouled them all. Trump is practically naked and alone to fight off his critics while Hillary Clinton requires a cast of thousands to keep her out of jail.

The Hillary Clinton WikiLeaks emails proves beyond any doubt that whatever you thought before about her, it is much, MUCH WORSE! The collusion, the lies, the violations of decency and any moral standards is obvious. If she should win in November, the stink of her and her administration will choke the public. The American People are doomed should she get in the White House. America itself, will be doomed!

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