With just 27 days before Election Day, and early voting already underway in many states, Donald Trump is now free of the shackles of Paul Ryan and John McCain. So says Trump in a series of Twitter tweets the past 24 hours. While most of ′The Media′ and Establishment pundits are already writing Trump′s political obituary, could this ′un-cucking′ be the strategic move needed to achieve victory in November? Practically every poll taken in the past decade or more shows that the American People believe that the country is headed in the wrong direction. Even while Barack Obama enjoys a high approval rate, the sentiment across America is that our nation is in trouble and needs a major change of real reform.

Last night during an appearance on the Fox News program, ″The O′Reilly Factor″, Donald Trump told Bill O′Reilly that he was not concerned about having the support of Paul Ryan and John McCain should he win the White House. Or should he! Ryan and McCain have already shown us that they are willing to yield and play footsie with Obama. There is no doubt that they will do so with whoever is in the White House. Ryan and McCain are career politicians who will do anything to be popular and win reelection. In other words, they are two-faced snakes!

Mark Halperin of Bloomberg News actually said something rather insightful today on MSNBC′s ″Morning Joe″. This is not an exact quote, but he essentially laid out the situation like this; ″Republican voters want two things, defeat Hillary Clinton and shake up the Washington Establishment. They know they won′t get either from Paul Ryan, but they will from Trump.″ Even Joe Scarborough was correct, like a stopped watch, when he put forth that Trump′s immediate goal is to end this week stronger than last weekend, and that he will do so.

We′ve known all along that the best move is to allow Donald Trump to be Donald Trump. Attempts to make him more acceptable to the Washington Establishment have always hurt his campaign. The People want a fighter! They want someone who will shake up The System. Trump achieved his success by going contrary to the mediocre consensus all throughout his business career. He′s always done best when he was his own man without dragging around the deadweight of mundane thinking.

Frankly, I wish this had happened months ago. The argument that Trump needed folks like Paul Manafort to clear the path for the RNC convention nomination was foolish. Despite everything that the GOP Establishment tried to do, Trump sailed through the primaries and the convention. Even after the convention, Trump still did not have the unqualified support of many top Republicans on Capitol Hill. Nor, has he ever gotten the full support of the phonies in the so-called ′Conservative Media′. Guys like Glenn Beck and Erick Erickson are still opposed to Trump! Beck has even recently claimed that voting for Hillary Clinton is ″moral and ethical″. Yeah, right! Moral and ethical to vote for somebody who lies all the time, cheats all the time, and endangers American sovereignty and security. Good Grief!

Before you start bringing out the shovels, let us consider a couple of new polls which have come out. Now, we have to consider the sources and their sampling ratios, just as we do for the CNN/ORC post-debate poll. Some 58% of the sampling was Democratic Party voters while both Republicans and Independent made up the 42%. Clearly a stacked deck in favor of Hillary Clinton, and even with that she ′ONLY′ got 57% who said she won the 2nd debate. That means that most ever Republican and Independent, along with a small portion of Democrats, thought otherwise.

A poll by The Economist/YouGov shows that far more Republicans, both primary voters and overall, favor Donald Trump over Paul Ryan. So, this internal party power struggle means little for now. Trump has his core base and then some. It is Ryan who stands on shaky ground. In the latest NBC/SurveyMonkey poll, while Hillary Clinton is currently ahead of Trump, the lead is smaller between those polled before the debate, after the 2005 video tape surfaced, and after the Sunday night debate. Hillary lost 2-points in a matter of 48 hours. So, anything is still possible. In 1980, Jimmy Carter led Ronald Reagan in the polls by 6 points right up to Election Day. If the NBC poll is accurate, Hillary is just 7 points ahead as of now with 3 and a half weeks to go.

The fight is far from over! So do not be disheartened by what The Media says. Donald Trump is now free as the shackles are off. Trump is free from having to placate the wimps like Paul Ryan and John McCain. In his Twitter tweets, Trump is absolutely correct in saying that Ryan and McCain should be spending less time attacking him and more time balancing the budget and defeating ISIS. Trump can now do what he wants as he is no longer bound to provide favors for disloyal, career politicians. Donald Trump can now truly claim the title as the Anti-Establishment Candidate, ready and able to change the flawed course America is on in this ′current year′. That, alone, may be enough to bring out enough voters who have long given up on politics and politicians. Is he a longshot? There is no doubt about that. But at this point in our national history, Donald Trump is the only chance we have at saving the country from certain doom.

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