Is Hillary Rodham Clinton ″GUILTY AS SIN″? Edward Klein certainly thinks so, which is why his new book, published by Regnery Publishing, an imprint of the Salem Media Group, was written. Yes, ″Guilty As Sin″ covers the whole Hillary Clinton email scandal, along with other scandals, from start to the current. If you follow the news from the ′Non-State-Media′, like WorldNetDaily, Breitbart, and the DailyCaller, then you know much of the story. But Ed Kein takes us behind the curtains and the locked doors of those ′backrooms′ we hear about. As a real, true, investigative journalist, Edward Klein provides us with the inside details from his many contacts.

Guilty As Sin by Ed Klein

Of course, Ed Klein is someone who drives the Liberal-Progressive-Socialist crowd crazy! ′The Media′ cringes at his very name. To even bring up Edward Klein on Internet chat boards will bring out the Liberal Loons in droves as they attack him. Some of what he says is pretty wild. But, if just half of the story Klein tells in his new book is true, then Hillary Clinton really is ″Guilty As Sin″!

The book begins in the July of this year when Bill Clinton decides he will ″bushwhack″ Attorney General Loretta Lynch on the tarmac at the Phoenix, Arizona airport. Klein tells the tale of this event from a close confidant of Bill Clinton whom Bill talked with beforehand. Bill didn′t care if he would tarnish Lynch, he was going to ensure that ′The Fix′ was in. Of course, ′The Fix′ was in long before that.

If you believe Ed Klein, then FBI Director James Comey may have tried to be a hero and done the right thing. According to Klein, Comey was giving Barack Obama fits over the investigation of Hillary Clinton and her email scandal. This may explain why Comey said what he did during his announcement about not prosecuting Hillary. He still threw her under the bus by listing her many lies during the whole affair.

From Klein′s sources, the inside story is that Obama and Valerie Jarrett put the screws to Loretta Lynch to get the whole matter shut down and swept under the rug before the Democratic National Convention. Klein has detailed in previous books about the animosity between the Obama and Clinton families. So why was Obama defending her? Trying to cover up her violations of the Espionage Act?

Two reasons, first, Obama does not want Donald Trump to get elected. This is why both Barack and Michelle Obama are campaigning for Hillary Clinton, even though they privately detest her. The second reason may be a bit more sketchy. True, the obvious answer would be that Hillary is less likely to overturn Obama′s agenda and legacy. But there may be something else in the wind.

Ed Klein takes us to a private dinner at the White House in which Valerie Jarrett was invited to dine with Barack and Michelle. Much of the talk was about their future after Obama′s term in office is completed. Turns out that Barack Obama wants to own an NBA franchise. He may have the cash to do it, as Jarrett had met with Rupert Murdoch to discuss a 5-book, package deal for some big bucks. Michelle and Jarrett would each write one book and Barack would write three. Plus, there will be movie deals, too.

But, during the dinner, another topic came up. The health of Hillary Clinton. If Klein′s sources are correct, then Jarrett and the Obama′s all believe that Hillary will not last through her whole term in office. That at some point, she will become physically incapacitated. They also suspect that she will be under much scrutiny from a Republican Congress and that both Bill and Hillary Clinton may still face criminal investigations.

Who will run the country should Hillary collapse from her many health issues? Jarrett and the Obamas certainly do not think that Tim Kaine is up for the job. Enter Barack Obama to save the day! Even if it is just from behind the scenes, Obama believes that he may still have an opportunity to keep his hands on the ″levers of power″. This may be the real reason why the family has decided to remain in Washington after leaving the White House. Obama would be the first former president to do so since Woodrow Wilson.

There is plenty of good dirt and juicy tidbits in the new book by Edward Klein, ″GUILTY AS SIN″. There is no doubt that Klein believes that Hillary Rodham Clinton is guilty of crimes. Bill Clinton, too! You may as well throw in Barack Obama and many in his administration as being guilty of corruption and obstructing justice. ″GUILTY AS SIN″ by Ed Klein is available in all fine book stores, including your online ones like With just weeks to go before the 2016 election, this book is a must read!

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