Last night was the ′Ka-plewy in St. Louis!′ After a messy start, the second 2016 Presidential Debate shifted into a battle royale with Donald Trump defeating Hillary Clinton. Trump came out swinging, even before the debate started. He held a news conference with four women whom Bill and Hillary Clinton wish would disappear. Trump hosted Juanita Brodderick, Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey and Kathy Shelton, all of whom voiced their support for Donald Trump. He even brought them along to the debate at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. Once again, Trump proved that he is the Baron von Munchausen of American politics! Just when you thought he was finished, he rose triumphantly again!

Hillary Clinton fly on face

″What will become of the Baron? How will he be saved?″ Just as in the 1988 movie by Terry Gilliam, Trump rebounded from another certain disaster. Such as the scene when the Sultan ordered the Baron to be beheaded and asked him for ″any last famous words?″ The Baron, played by John Neville, answered, ″No, not yet!″ Bingo! Eric Idle arrives with the wine and the Baron wins the bet, carting away all of the Sultan′s gold.

Our hero, Donald Trump, had been written off by practically every political pundit in the American media. Any other candidate, Republican or Democrat, would have been destroyed. But Trump was far from over, far from finished. He came back fighting and jabbed back at Hillary Clinton on every issue. Even the two moderators, Anderson Cooper and Martha Radditz, felt the Wrath of Trump.

The debate began with a question from the ′town-hall′ audience of so-called ′uncommitted′ selected by Gallup. First was about whether the two candidates felt they were good role models. Hillary swung at this slow-pitched softball, hoping to polish off Trump immediately. But it didn′t happen. She went into a senseless stream of focus-grouped bull, more boring than blunt. Trump fired back with his basic speech talking points on making great trade deals, repealing Obamacare, and fixing our inner cities.

Anderson Cooper then stepped in to deliver the knock-out blow, asking Trump point-blank about the 2005 comments on women. Cooper pressed Trump on if he actually did what he said? Trump defiantly answered, ″No!″ Trump continued his explanation that it was just ′locker room′ talk. The sort of thing real men do in social bonding. Hillary tried her best to demean Trump on being insulting to women. But then Trump countered mentioning Kathy Shelton, who, as a 12 year-old, was raped by a man whom Hillary defended as a lawyer. Not only did Hillary get the rapist off on charges, but laughed and had belittled the 12 year-old as some loose hussy. Then Trump pointed to the other three ladies in the greater audience whom all suffered at the hands of Bill Clinton. This drew applause from many in the auditorium.

Hillary tried to counter with quotes from Michelle Obama and attacked Trump for demeaning others, and while she also got a round of applause, it was clear that the game was over. Trump shot back attacking her on starting the whole birther thing against Obama in 2008. He then promised that if he was elected, he would have his Attorney General appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Hillary Clinton on the email scandal. Hillary claimed its all a lie and chanted ′fact checking, fact checking′. When she said its a good thing Trump isn′t in charge of our legal system, Trump said in a blistering retort, ″Because you′d be in jail!″ The Crowd went wild with cheers! Game set and match!

After that, the debate settled down into the usual back and forth on a number of policy issues. All of which Trump handled well, keeping Hillary on the defensive. Obamacare, ISIS, Syria, Russia, taxes, energy, Trump had good answers for each while Hillary just kept referencing people to visit her stupid website. Donald Trump kept jabbing away at Hillary Clinton, reminding America that she′s been in Washington for over 20 years and has little to show for it except for $250 Million in the bank. When the subject of the WikiLeaks speech email came up, Hillary tried to blame Abraham Lincoln for her comment about needing to be a two-faced liar. Trump beat her down for trying to use Lincoln to cover her own hide.

The very last question from the audience asked both to say something nice about the other. Hillary said that she did respect Trump′s children, somewhat implying that maybe he′s a good father. Donald was more gracious. He praised Hillary for being a fighter, for not quitting. This finished the night on a good note, leaving the audience in a happy mood after 90 minutes of pure ranker. No doubt about it, the second 2016 presidential debate was a mud fight. One which Donald Trump won by sheer will and commitment.

Anybody who thinks that Donald Trump is finished or will quit is just plain crazy. Its not in his DNA! The 30-odd Republican governors, senators and Congressmen who slithered away over the weekend were shown to be just weak, squishy wimps. If they won′t stand and fight for Trump, how can you expect them to fight for us, the American people? The Democratic Party and their allies in The Media already have shown over the decades that they hold ′Real, ′Middle America′ in contempt. Hillary Clinton voiced this attitude best when she accused half of the country as being either deplorable or irredeemable. We are just those dummies who cling to our guns, Bible and God. Or, as Barack Obama would say, we are just too lazy to accept the ′New Normal′ and retrain for green energy jobs.

We′ll see how this second 2016 presidential debate plays out in effecting the polls? One thing is certain is that Donald Trump is not throwing in the towel and neither are his supporters. Social Media was on fire all weekend as the Trumpers rallied behind him. While Hillary Clinton is the epitome of your ′Average Politician′, Donald Trump is not. Far from it! This is why I keep saying that Trump is the Baron von Munchausen of politics. Once again, Trump has shown that a ″modicum of snuff can be most efficacious!″ ″Grasp the mantle″ and ″open the gates!″ Baron von Trump is ready for action!

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