The second 2016 Presidential Debate is being held tonight at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will square off in a town-hall style setting. The moderators will be CNN′s Anderson ′Pooper′ Cooper and ABC News reporter Martha Raddatz. The fun begins at 9pm EDT and will last some 90 minutes. Many networks will carrying the event, as well as live streaming video on the Internet. About half of the questions are expected to come from a studio audience.

Of course, the big stories tonight are how Donald Trump and Hillary will deal with questions concerning their latest leaked problems. While the Liberal Media claims that supporters are fleeing Trump ″in droves″, the truth is that only a group of career GOP politicians have done so. One such rat is Speaker Paul Ryan, who was heckled by Trump supporters during a campaign fund raising event yesterday in Wisconsin. Ryan had dis-invited Trump, then Mike Pence decided to not attend either.

Hillary Clinton has her own problems after Julian Assange of WikiLeaks released some 2,000 emails hacked from Clinton campaign manager, John Podesta. Much has been said already about one email from another campaign worker, Tony Carrk, which included excerpts from Hillary Clinton′s Wall Street speeches. These include remarks about being in favor of open borders, supporting Wall Street bankers, and admitting that she has two opinions on every issue, one for the public and one private.

Frankly speaking, Trump has the advantage. He has already apologized and his true supporters are sticking with him. As you may recall, Trump once said that people will still vote for him even if he shot somebody on 5th Avenue! They most certainly will! On social media, the trends are obvious. For a while on Twitter yesterday, the Number One trending hashtag was #BillClintonIsARapist. In the hierarchy of the universe, an actual rapist is much worse than somebody making ′locker room′ banter about groping.

In many respects, we can thank Bill Clinton for immunizing Donald Trump on his remarks. Bill Clinton dragged America, and Western Civilization, so far into the mud with his behavior that Trump is a minor league in comparison. We now live in the Age of the Tabloids, where sex tapes are a ticket to fame and prosperity. Just look at Kim Kardashian. Where would she be without her sex tapes? She′s even gone beyond those with her constant, naked selfies which she posts on Instagram.

Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, has a harder problem. She is viewed as a crooked liar. More than just being deceitful, she has actually profited from her abuse of the public trust and has placed national security in peril. Not to mention global stability in peril, too! Thanks to Hillary, millions of people have been killed. Between Rwanda, the Republic of Congo, Syria, Libya, Sudan, Ukraine etc…, the death toll is at least 5 Million dead and counting. You can easily count up ten times that number in the number of people who are living lives full of suffering and hopelessness thanks to her. Just in the Congo, some 4 Million people have died and millions more, mostly women, have been brutalized and raped.

Then there is the whole corruption thing for Hillary Clinton. Anyone with an IQ over 50 can figure out that she and her husband have made millions of dollars selling out America. They′ve made millions more selling out people worldwide, like in Haiti. I do not see the New York Times or Washington Post doing much investigative ′journalism′ in probing how the Clinton Foundation has been ripping off Haitian relief money. Nor does our corrupted Justice Department under Barack Obama have any inclination to seriously investigate the numerous schemes and scams of Bill and Hillary Clinton.

How much of this, if any, will be discussed during tonight′s presidential debate? Who knows? Hopefully, Donald Trump will raise some of these issues against Hillary Clinton tonight during the second 2016 Presidential Debate at Washington University in St. Louis, MO. I am certain that moderators Anderson Cooper and Martha Raddatz will attack Trump on his remarks about women said on a ′hot mic′ back in 2005. Like that has any relevance in today′s world? I also expect that those in the audience selected to ask questions will be pro-Clinton, too. But despite this stacked decked, Donald Trump will fight back and win. Unlike the career politicians who oppose him, Donald Trump is an honest man. Unlike Hillary Rodham Clinton who is a dishonest, corrupt flake.

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