I was rather angry at Fox News last night while watching ″The O′Reilly Factor″. Bill O′Reilly, a.k.a. Lord Haw-Haw, had promised a segment on the New York Post article from Thursday about how some FBI agents may revolt due to the agency bungling the Clinton email probe. Several retired FBI agents spoke openly on how Director James Comey acted ″cowardly″ and seemed to have deliberately tied his investigators′ hands, preventing any chance of a prosecution. So, I waited patiently for the segment, which featured Geraldo Rivera. But when it finally came, Rivera had no intention of talking about the New York Post story about rebellion brewing in the FBI. Instead, all he wanted to talk about was the leaked ′hot-mic′ audio of Donald Trump during an interview on ″Access Hollywood″ some 10 years ago.

This really ticked me off! I could have been watching old ″Star Trek″ episodes on BBC America! But no, I got ′catfished′ by Geraldo Rivera! Worse yet, Bill O′Reilly let it happen! Big Bill hardly put up any fight at all to steer the conversation back to the intended topic. Fox News and Bill O′Reilly lied to me, and for that, he and Geraldo should be fired. They wasted about 5 minutes of my time when I could have been watching ″Star Trek″!

As far as the Trump thing goes, who cares? Has Donald Trump said crazy stuff in the past? Yep! Aside from that, this particular incident was not intended for public ears in the first place. The chit-chat between Trump and Billy Bush, who, in this ′Current Year′ now works for NBC′s ″Today Show″, was just basically ′locker room talk′. No big deal. This does not change the basic calculus of our options in the 2016 election. The choice is still the same. You either have to vote for a strong, brilliant, successful heterosexual Alpha Male, or a corrupt, crooked, sickly, crazy cat lady. I choose Don Draper! Not ′Fat Betty′.

Has Donald Trump ever caused somebody to die needlessly? Nope! Barack Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton have. Will Donald Trump ′Make America Great Again′? Yep! Barack Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton have only made us weaker by their actions in public office. I am not surprised by the outpouring of panic from the usual gang of ′Cucks′ in the Establishment, especially in the GOP.

Let us take John McCain, for example. He has a lot of nerve, or empty space in his skull, for trashing Trump′s latest remarks about degrading women when McCain himself did so. Back in 2008, McCain joked about how Chelsea Clinton was ugly because her father was Janet Reno. I wonder how Megan McCain feels about that while she trash talks Trump? Does she give her daddy a pass because he′s her daddy?

I fully expected The Media and the Clinton Camp to act all indignant. Some clown from Planned Parenthood compared Trump′s remarks to a sexual assault. Hmm, wonder if the same clown thinks that about Bill Clinton who really did sexually assault women? What is their opinion about him bonking a hooker behind some bushes back when he was governor of Arkansas? Or Hillary Clinton bashing Bill′s conquests? Will Mika Brzezinski show any angst the next time James Carville is a guest for his remarks about dragging a $100 bill through a trailer park? Probably not.

So, you see what we are up against here. The same thing we′ve been up against since Day One of the Donald Trump campaign. Liberals, their stooges in The Media, and the Cucks in the GOP have always hated Donald Trump because he is the true candidate for The People and the true Change Agent. This latest story is no story at all. On the other hand, the real story is how the Obama administration is covering up for Hillary Clinton. The White House colluding with the State Department. The Justice Department forcing the FBI to ignore violations of our laws and national security. The pervasive corrupt which has worked its way through the entire US government, from the IRS to the CDC.

If you want America to be a land of corrupt injustice, weakened by globalists and limp-wristed autocrats, then go ahead and vote for the crazy cat lady, Crooked Hillary Rodham Clinton. Don′t come crying to me when you lose your job, or your taxes go up, or an illegal immigrant robs or rapes you. I don′t care what Donald Trump said in the past when he was joking around. He apologized for what he said, and thats enough for me. I want my vote to count to Make America Strong Again, To Make America Work Again. To Make America Safe Again. And to Make America Great Again! That is why I still stand with Donald J. Trump to be our next President of the United States of America. Go suck on that one, Geraldo Rivera!

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