The Wall Street Journal is reporting that there is a brewing scandal of corruption within the Barack Obama Justice Department. They are already under much scrutiny for past issues concerning the ATF gun-running operation, ′Fast and Furious′ and the lack of action in the actions by former IRS manager, Lois Lerner against Tea Party and other religious and Conservative groups. The whole Hillary Clinton email probe appears to have been a sham as the Justice Department confounded the FBI investigation by giving players like Cheryl Mills immunity. Then we have the mysterious ′Tarmac Talk′ between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch just days before the decision not to file charges against Hillary. But the news this week about the Justice Department dropping an arms dealing case against Marc Turi may be the straw that breaks the camel′s back.

The case against Marc Turi takes us back to 2011, when some allegations surfaced about Hillary Clinton may have been running her private war in Libya. Turi′s company, Turi Defense Group, is alleged to have been contracted by the US Government to supply weapons to Libyan rebels who were under the banner of the Libyan Transitional National Council. At the time, this group was not formally recognized by the US Government according to an affidavit by CIA official David Manners back in May, 5th, 2015. Manners, an 18-year veteran of the CIA, gave his sworn statement to an Arizona federal court in the case of ″The United States of America v. Marc Turi and Turi Defense Group″.

During a Fox News interview on the 2012 Benghazi attack on our consulate, Turi to Senior Executive Producer Pamela Browne that, ″When this equipment landed in Libya, half went one way, and the half went the other way. The half that went the other way is the half that ended up in Syria.″ Turi was a legitimate, legally authorized arms dealer who began selling weapons back in the 1990s. During the period when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, the Barack Obama administration awarded a record number of export licenses to American arms dealers to sell their wares worldwide.

Just in 2011, at least 86,000 licenses were granted by the Obama administration, worth some $44.3 Billion dollars, a $10 Billion dollar increase from 2010. Turi told Fox News that during the ′Arab Spring′ in 2011, he was encouraged to shipped arms to Libya by people both inside and outside of the government. Turi mentioned David Manners, who stated in court documents as being an expert in ″authorized covert arms transfers.″

On March 12 of 2011, Turi submitted his license application to sell and ship $267 Million dollars worth of arms to the Libyan Transitional National Council (TNC) to the State Department. Turi claims that Hillary Clinton was notified of the application via email as she was in Paris, France and later in Cairo, Egypt at the time, meeting with TNC leaders as well as with Egyptian officials on Libya. Ambassador Christopher Stevens was also aware of this arms deal as he emailed a ″Thank you″ to Turi on April 7, 2011. The very next day, Hillary Clinton emailed her assistant, Jake Sullivan, encouraging the use of ″private security experts to arm the opposition″. These emails were reviewed by the Senate Select Committee during their Benghazi probe.

Turi received his approval from the State Department in May of 2011 to sell and ship weapons to Libya, half of which wound up in Syria by listing the ′end user′ as Qatar. In July 2011, federal agents raided Turi′s home in Arizona. For the next three years, Turi was subjected to a probe by the Justice Department National Security Division. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton repeatedly denied any knowledge of such arms deals, including a letter in response to a question by Senator Rand Paul about weapon transfers from Libya to Syria via Turkey.

In July of 2015, the Justice Department formally charged Marc Turi with lying on an export license application and his intent to ship weapons and ammunition to Libya. This would have been a violation of United Nations Resolution 170. In an interview with James Corsi of WorldNetDaily, Clare Lopez of the Citizens′ Commission on Benghazi said that ″Marc Turi was set up and framed for something he didn′t do″. According to Lopez, Turi never even shipped any weapons. Turi, himself, told Fox News that the ″weapons supplied to Libya were in the hands of the US government and the State Department′s Bureau of Political and Military Affairs.″ Corsi of WND adds that this bureau was headed by Andrew Shapiro, an aide to Hillary Clinton and that ″Shapiro was responsible to oversee the export control process at the State Department.″

Since the the beginning, Turi has maintained his innocence and after being charged in 2015, has claimed that he is being prosecuted by the Obama administration to protect Hillary Clinton. Now, it seems that the Obama Justice Department is dropping the whole affair to protect Hillary. Recent email releases from WikiLeaks and other sources are painting a picture of Hillary Clinton being very involved in the trafficking of weapons to Libya, as well as to various groups inside Syria whom we know have ties to Al Qaeda and ISIS. Even with the dropping of charges, while Marc Turi is free from any guilt or responsibility, and avoids paying a $200,000 fine, the ′deal′ worked out does force him to refrain from any international arms sales for a period of five years. This deal ends the case, which was to begin on November 8, 2016, Election Day.

So, now we come full circle back to the point of the Wall Street Journal article. We have seen several times how under Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch where the Barack Obama Justice Department has little interest in pursuing justice. The list of corruption is long with the failures to prosecute members of the New Black Panther Party for voter intimidation back in 2008, Fast and Furious, attacking police departments unfairly, ignoring the use of the IRS to attack citizens, or anything to do with the many scandals of Hillary Rodham Clinton. Recent polls show between 55% to 67% of the public believe that Hillary Clinton should have been indicted for the mishandling of classified materials when she used her private email server. Now we see that the corruption may extend to protecting not just Hillary, but also Barack Obama himself for his role in these decisions.

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