How surprised was I when I read an article in ″Yahoo! News″ about how Hillary Clinton shamed and bullied her daughter, Chelsea Clinton, as a teenager? Not very surprised at all. According to the article, which was originally featured at ″Hello Giggles″, Chelsea spilled the beans during an appearance on ″Late Night with Seth Meyers″. Seems that Mother Hillary was not happy at all about Chelsea′s fashion choices as a teenager in the White House back in the 1990s. Chelsea was a rather awkward teenage girl during those days. Between her crush on Wolf Blitzer and her famous ′Riot-Grrrl′ music tape, Chelsea was something of a rebel. I also recall from one of Richard Nixon′s memoirs about his visit to the White House after being invited by the Clintons. Nixon commented on how Chelsea gravitated towards her father and how Hillary seemed very cold to her.

Now, keep in mind that this is about the same time when Donald Trump was allegedly ′fat-shaming′ some getaway-car-driving-porn-star. Whom, by the way, has decided to drop out of public scrutiny after being used by the Clinton campaign. Chelsea, however, cannot drop out. She’s trapped in the web of lies, deceit, and scandal of her parents. Not that the apple doesn′t fall far from the tree. Look at who Chelsea wound up marrying. The son of a convicted Wall Street fraud. To think she worked for Goldman Sachs, too! Wonder if she cut those three speaking fee checks for $225,000 each for 20-minute speeches by her mommy?

Hillary Clinton is a hypocrite! Just as she is unfit to be president, it seems that she may have been unfit to be a mother as well. Berating her daughter over her clothing is just not cool. Teenage girls are often subjected to such ridicule about their appearance by their parents. In this case, it was Mommy Hillary attacking Chelsea Clinton for how she dressed. How cruel is that? How many times do we hear about young girls committing suicide or running away from home over such emotional assaults? Granted, Chelsea was fortunate to have the Secret Service protecting her from doing anything extreme. Most teenage American girls are left on their own to face abusive parents.

So keep this mind next time Hillary Clinton decides to attack Donald Trump for his temperament and behavior. Chelsea Clinton herself confirms that Hillary Clinton was an abusive mother. Unfit to parent her daughter. Unfit to be our next president! Sure, Chelsea can laugh about it now, but what choice does she have? We, however, do have a choice!

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