has an amusing article where they try to claim that the failure of Glenn Beck and other ′Conservative′ Media outlets is the fault of Donald Trump. They say that neither Trump, nor his buddy, Sean Hannity, can save Beck and the rest. However, Salon failed to mention the success of Michael Savage in this ′Current Year′. From the ratings numbers, there is no doubt that when Trump was appearing regularly on ″The Savage Nation″, the show was B-I-G! Not to mention how all of the cable networks used to scramble to show Trump rallies, interviews and debates. The decline of Beck and others, like Erick Erickson of RedState, is because they OPPOSED Donald Trump! If they wanted ratings and money, they should have jumped aboard the Trump Train long ago!

Beck, Erickson and others are doing so poorly because they are NOT ′Conservatives′! They are ′Cuckservatives′. They jumped into bed with ′Cuck′ candidates like Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz and are now covered in fleas. A good example is none other than Fox News ′Joy-Boy′, Greg ′Cuckfeld′ Gutfeld. I rolled my eyes the other day when during ″The Five″, Cuckfeld said another stupid thing. Eric Bolling was commenting on how Mike Pence is now the probably ′front runner′ for the 2020 presidential campaign should Hillary Clinton win this November. The question came up about whether Pence would have been the front runner this year had he ran? Cuckfeld said, ″We′ll never know.″

Um, sorry Greg! WE DO KNOW!!! Had Mike Pence ran along with the other 16 non-Trump, GOP candidates, Pence would have lost, too! What is the real difference between Pence and guys like Scott Walker, Jeb Bush, John Kasich, or even Rick Perry? Zip-Zero-Nada. Not a damn thing! Who knows what nickname Trump would have come up for him? Pence was quite honest when he called in to Rush Limbaugh′s show the other day and said how he is learning everyday from Donald Trump. Pence is learning from the Master of Media. He′s figured out that ′You Can′t Stump The Trump′!

Beck, Erickson and others from the so-called ′Conservative Media′ whom have been opposing Trump have all lost significant portions of their audiences. Both Beck and Erickson have lost about half of their radio audiences, if not more. Their websites, newsletters and book sales have also suffered. Meanwhile, Michael Savage, who has been on the Trump Train since Day One has another best selling book out, ″Scorched Earth″, and has the top rated show in many areas, including the greater New York City metropolitan zone. Savage is at the top of his game right now, one of the reasons why he will be installed in the Radio Hall of Fame this November.

The folks at are still thinking in terms of pre-Trump America. Heck, they are still lost in pre-Tea Party America. Now, Cucks like Glenn Beck and Erick Erickson were able to hijack the Tea Party movement for their own gain. But the Donald Trump campaign is a whole different ball game. For starters, Donald owns the ball! You either play with him or he′ll kick you off the field.

As I have mentioned before in previous articles, the Cucks are trapped in ideology rather than results. Even within the last week or so, Beck has again stated how America is an ′ideal′. NO IT ISN′T!!! America is a nation! A nation has borders. A nation has language. A nation has culture. A nation has people. Citizens. LEGAL CITIZENS! An ideal can be applied universally. America can only exist here in America. Even a Frenchman, Alexander de Tocqueville, recognized that in 1835. He could see that it was our unique culture which enabled our brand of freedom, our brand of democracy to thrive.

The Cucks believe otherwise. They think we can export America across the globe. Even to places which are stuck in the 7th Century with religions based on violence. On top on this error, Cucks like Glenn Beck and Erick Erickson have lost the very meaning and definition of Conservatism. To be Conservative is to base your beliefs on reality, not ideology. That is what Liberals do! Liberals think that they need to champion an ideal even though it is flawed and doesn′t work because its a ′good idea′. Taking care of the poor? Hell yes! Why shouldn′t we give everyone a home, a job, an education and free healthcare?

Edmund Burke defined Conservatism as facing reality. Who is going to pay for all that free stuff? Where will the money come from? Will you really help people by giving them free stuff? Or will you just make them happy slaves? Donald Trump is far more Conservative than either Glenn Beck or Erick Erickson. Or that other clown, Ted Cruz! Trump deals in reality. Good intentions and high ideals do not build skyscrapers. Hard work and hard money do. Steel and concrete. Not some piece of paper with a list of man-made rules, but the Laws of Nature, of physical reality. In 2016, Americans want results! Real results!

This is one of the reasons why the so-called ′Alt-Right′ has been growing in popularity, because it recognizes the Laws of Nature. Specifically ′Human Nature′. You give somebody a fish and they will expect you to give them another one tomorrow. And the day after that, and the day after that. Just because somebody comes here from Syria or Mexico doesn′t mean that they want to work at a Dairy Queen and celebrate the Fourth of July. Nope, they want a free fish everyday for the rest of their lives. If we don′t give them one, they will slit our throats with an ISIS knife.

Notions like ′Open Borders′ and spreading ′American democracy′ around the world are bread and butter for Cuckservatives like Glenn Beck and Erick Erickson. They are losing audiences and money because more and more people hear what Donald Trump is saying and are agreeing with him. They want to Make America Strong Again. They want to Make America Safe Again. They want to Make America Work Again. And they want to Make America Great Again! Who can argue against this? George Will? He hasn′t said a damn thing worth repeating since he quit wearing bow ties. Just remember, George Will opposed Ronald Reagan, too, back in 1980. The Cucks keep coming full circle, eating their own tail as they destroy themselves.

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