As of 8AM EDT, the National Hurricane Center of NOAA has updated the latest news on Hurricane Matthew, the 2016 monster storm. Overnight, sustained wind speeds increased from 115 MPH to 125 MPH. The air pressure at its center, or ′eye′, has dropped from 962 Millibars to 940 Millibars. Not a good thing! That works out to 27.76 inches of pressure. The storm is still a Category 3 and is headed towards Florida at about 12 MPH. Hurricane Matthew is about 200 Miles Southeast of West Palm Beach, Florida, home of Rush Limbaugh. Will Rush stay or flee as the storm is due to hit by 10pm tonight?

Hurricane Matthew

This is a dangerous storm! As martial arts expert and judge on ″Forged In Fire″, Doug Marcaida would say, ″It will KILL!″ Around two dozen people have already died as Hurricane Matthew roared through the Caribbean. Most of the deaths happened at Haiti, while the storm was a Category 4 level hurricane. Before hitting Cuba, Hurricane Matthew was packing sustained wind speeds of 145 MPH. It may have dumped some 40 inches or more of rain on Haiti, where some 50,000 people are still living in tents from the 2010 earthquake. Yeah, that Clinton Foundation money really helped, didn′t it? Now you know why the New York Times and Washington Post are ignoring that story since they don′t think such corruption is in the ′public interest′.

But the public is interested in what Hurricane Matthew is doing. Mandatory evacuations began yesterday for some 1.2 Million Americans along Florida′s ′Space Coast′. From Miami up through the Carolinas, some 12 to 15 Million people are heading inland as the storm approaches. Hurricane Matthew is going to wreak havoc along our southeastern coast all through the weekend. If computer models are correct, it may even do a U-turn out in the Atlantic and hit Florida a second time by the middle of next week!

So that is the latest update for news on Hurricane Matthew, the 2016 monster storm. The National Hurricane Center of NOAA is keeping a sharp eye on it and is releasing fresh updates every three hours. However, outer, ′feeder′ bands from the killer storm are already hitting Florida. Most of the local weather radar stations are now watching its approach continuously. If you live along the eastern coast from Florida up through North Carolina, you better head inland immediately. Especially if you live along the ′Space Coast′ from West Palm Beach up to Cape Canaveral. The storm is expected to intensify and be a Cat-4 again by this late afternoon. Watch out, Rush Limbaugh! Beware of Hurricane Matthew! It will KILL!!!

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