So Bill Clinton gave a speech in Flint, Michigan the other day and said this, ″Obamacare is the craziest thing in the world.″ Yep, that is what he said! Bill listed several reasons why, too! How most people now face less coverage and higher premiums. How it still has not provided insurance to everyone. There are still some 25 to 30 million Americans without health insurance. Bill Clinton also complained about how Obamacare excludes many people who make too much money above the poverty level and prevents them from accessing Medicaid. He also mentioned the problems Obamacare creates for the health insurance industry.

Oddly enough, Barack Obama has suddenly canceled some scheduled campaign appearances for Hillary Clinton after the Bill Clinton speech. Just as Bernie Sanders is not appearing with Hillary after audio has surfaced of her trashing Millennials. Looks like all is not well in Hillary-ville.

The problems for Hillary Clinton keep building up, even with so much of The System rigged for her. Take for example the article in the Politico about how Obama has forced the Justice Department to drop the arms dealing case against Marc Turi. Turi was suppose to face charges of illegal arms dealing involving selling weapons to Libyan rebels. The case was supposed to begin right on Election Day. But, now the case is being tossed out, as it might have an impact on the Hillary Clinton campaign.

So, even with a corrupted Justice Department and FBI looking the other way when it comes to Hillary Clinton, she and Bill are still a couple of dopes. They just cannot keep their mouths shut or act like proper adults. This brings me back to my hypothesis that Bill Clinton is suffering from dementia caused from syphilis and Hillary is either mentally disturbed, too, or just a plain drunkard.

Stories of Hillary Clinton being rather too fond of vodka are well known. This may be the simple explanation for why she falls down a lot, trips a lot, bumps into things, laughs weird, talks loud, acts angry, screwy and has crazy eyes! I think she may be tanked up. Four sheets to the wind! Alcoholism would explain much of her behavior and her needing several days off in between campaign appearances. She′s so drunk she cannot focus or act sober. Maybe this is also why she was so late during the bathroom break back during the first primary debate. She probably pissed all over herself!

Maybe Bill Clinton was drunk, too, when he said, ″Obamacare is the craziest thing in the world.″ Many people are known to be more honest when they are drunk. Others still lie no matter how smashed they are. They said that Hillary Clinton was dehydrated when she passed out at the 9-11 ceremony. Alcohol does dehydrate you. Maybe what she was doing for 90 minutes at Chelsea′s apartment was slamming down some Red Bull or high-octane coffee? She was trying to sober up. Just look at how she acted after she left the apartment. Was that from a Red Bull and a line or two of cocaine? Could be, just sayin′. Its as good as an explanation as any of the other theories.

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