Mike Pence and Tim Kaine will square off tonight in the Vice Presidential Debate. Longwood University in Farmville, Virginia is the setting for the debate, which all of the major networks will carry, as well as livestream video at many websites, like CSPAN.org. Personally, I do not expect much to happen. This evenings episodes of ″Below Deck″, ″Halt and Catch Fire″ or ″Forged In Fire″ will prove to be more interesting and entertaining. But, the VP debate gives the Veep candidates a chance for them to have the spotlight for one night. If anything, the debate may show Mike Pence to be good enough to make some feel more comfortable about voting for Donald Trump. We could also see evidence that Tim Kaine is a true, Liberal loon giving more pause to those considering to vote for the sickly, crooked Hillary Rodham Clinton.

A fresh wave of polls came out for this morning and there is much good news in Trump-land! While Hillary does seem to be doing better in some states, the numbers do not show any real damage to Trump. In some state polls, Trump is even doing better now than he was before last week′s debate. The real story in these latest polls is the utter collapse of the Gary Johnson campaign. Jill Stein isn′t doing well, either, but she really wasn′t making much of an impact anyway. Johnson, on the other hand, was in double digits in a few states and was around 8% nationwide.

But, now, Gary Johnson is crashing! His numbers began declining after his ″Allepo″ gaffe a couple of weeks ago. Then there was the weird ′tongue′ episode during an interview on TV. Johnson looked like he had dropped acid or was stoned on some darn good weed. The fact that he was being interviewed by a young, attractive woman while his tongue was well out past his lips was rather disturbing. Then there was last week′s interview with the old, unattractive Chris Matthews. Johnson and his running mate were both asked who their favorite national leaders were. Johnson couldn′t name his and William Weld named Angela Merkel. Hardly a wise choice given the current situation in Germany. Given the refugee crisis and the state of the Deutsche Bank, Germany is inching closer to a putsch!

I guess I′ll have to watch the stupid Vice Presidential Debate tonight from Longwood University in Farmville, VA. Even though I do not think that either Mike Pence nor Tim Kaine will make any real news, its my territory and I′ll have to cover it. So I′ll DVR ″Below Deck″ ″Halt and Catch Fire″ and ″Forged In Fire″ and watch those tomorrow morning instead of the reaction by The Media to the VP Debate. I can already figure how they will report on how the Veep candidates will do. We will hear how wonderful and informed Tim Kaine is and how ′troubling′ Mike Pence is for defending Trump. YAWN…

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