Move over Chelsea and set another place at the dinner table for the holidays. Danney Williams, 30, claims that he is the son of William Jefferson Clinton! If the story is true, it seems that sometime around 1984, Bill Clinton had relations with Bobbie Ann Williams, an Arkansas prostitute. According to the rumor, Bill was her only White client. Danney was born in 1985 and since last December, has been publicly trying to get our 42nd President to acknowledge him as Clinton′s biological son. Danney′s Facebook page, using the name Danney Williams-Clinton, also claims that Hillary Clinton has been blocking any paternity tests and has ″banished″ him. There apparently was a DNA test made by Star Magazine back in 1999 with a negative result which has been disputed.

Bill Clinton Love Child

The story surfaced back in 1992 when The Globe in the UK interviewed Bobbie Ann Williams. She told The Globe that Bill Clinton had been out jogging when they met. At the time, she was 24 years old. She claims that he jogged by again several days later and paid her $200 to have sex behind some bushes. That Bill Clinton, he′s all class! He was a repeat customer and on several occasions apparently was joined with other prostitutes for some heavy duty action.

When she told Bill Clinton that she was pregnant with his child, Bill allegedly rubbed her tummy and denied it. The baby boy was born on December 7, 1985. According to The Globe interview, Bobbie Ann was arrested shortly after she gave birth. Her sister, Lucille Bolton took care of baby Danney. Bolton pushed for a DNA test and claims to have talked directly with Hillary Clinton, herself. No DNA test was made until 1999, and it was apparently based on DNA results made by Kenneth Starr during the whole Monica Lewinski investigation. This is why the negative result is being disputed as not sufficiently accurate.

So, I have to wonder if the New York Times will consider whether or not this young man is Bill Clinton′s son is a matter of the ′public interest′? Especially if the story that Hillary Clinton is behind the lad being banished is true? I wonder how many reporters they, and the Washington Post, will assign to investigating this story? If you answer ″ZERO″, you win an imaginary cigar! Of course they won′t look into this. A story about how Bill and Hillary Clinton are dissing a young Black man would play well in some circles.

Are you surprised by this story? Do you believe Danney Williams is Bill Clinton′s son? That Hillary Clinton is being a meanie for not allowing the truth to be determined? I would not be surprised about William Jefferson Clinton having sex with a young, Black prostitute, Bobbie Ann Williams, back in 1984. Again, this is not all that far off from the story line in the book and film, ″Primary Colors″, which mirrors the election of Bill Clinton in 1992. In that fictional account, the governor had sex with a young Black daughter of a rib shack owner which he frequented. The governor used his uncle′s blood to corrupt the paternity test and prove he was not the father of that love child. My guess is that Danney Williams-Clinton could very well be Bill Clinton′s love child. I wouldn′t rule it. Bill′s an alley cat. Doing it in some bushes? Good grief! At least use a car or rent a motel room!

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