The New York Times may have broken federal laws when they published three pages of Donald Trump′s tax returns from 1995. The returns show that Trump declared a loss of some $916 Million dollars that year, and, thanks to our crazy tax laws, may have been able to apply those losses for many years after. The ′consensus′ of opinion by many tax law experts is that Donald Trump did not violate any laws in doing this. However, the ′consensus′ of many legal experts is that the New York Times did violate federal laws in making those tax returns public. The NY Times will argue, should this go to court, that this action is protected under the First Amendment as being vital to the ′public interest′. Perhaps. But, is the Times and the rest of The Media guilty of neglecting the ′public interest′ when they do not apply the same zeal to all politicians?

For example, would it have been in the ′public interest′ to verify that Barack Obama was actually a ′naturally born US citizen′ before the 2008 election? No proof of this was forth coming until 2011. How about Obama′s school records? We still do not know anything about that! How about Hillary Clinton′s health? What about the Clinton Foundation? What about all of the sexual misconducts and affairs by Bill Clinton before 1992? Why did the New York Times and the rest of ′The Press′ press on those matters? Were they not considered vital to the ′public′s interest′ as well? Is it okay, in the opinion of the Main Stream Media, to elect an alleged rapist?

You see where I′m going with this. The Media does have a responsibility to report the news and the truth. But all the news and the whole truth! When they pick and choose targets, that is when things get messy. We saw in the Dan Rather, CBS ″60 Minutes″ smear job against George W. Bush and his military service how false information can be presented.

Donald Trump has never denied that he uses every line of the tax code to legally reduce his tax burden. The IRS audits Trump nearly every year and he has never been charged with any tax violations. Some would say that he is very smart for doing so. Some would say that he is highly qualified for reforming our complicated tax codes. Not just to simplify them, to to reorient our tax codes to promote growth and job creation.

I am not surprised that the New York Times was able to obtain some tax return documents belonging to Donald Trump. Nor am I surprised that they published them. The NY Times, along with much of The Media, is out to derail Trump as they know that his odds of winning the election are improving. Some might say that he has already won it, now that Hillary Clinton has conceded Ohio, as well as pulling out of other states. Between the email scandal and her medical problems, Hillary is in big trouble. Rumors about her having a drinking problem, which is where the whole ′dehydration′ story evolved from, are out there but not being explored in any depth by The Media. The public already has a very low opinion of The Media, which is why they now get most of their news elsewhere. With obvious smear jobs like this new one about Donald Trump′s tax returns, who can blame them?

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