A newly leaked audio recording may explain why Hillary Clinton is doing so poorly with Millennial voters. During a fund raising event back in February, Hillary described Millennials who supported Bernie Sanders as a bunch of ″baristas′ and people ″living in their parents′ basements″. Once again, we see how the Hillary Clinton campaign is one based on hate. Using the DNC to foil Bernie Sanders and using white-noise machines at the DNC convention to drown out Sander supporters was just one facet of this hatred. Even way back in 1992, Hillary led her husband′s campaign efforts to silence former girlfriends, hiring private eyes to harass and threaten them. Using surrogates like James Carville to attack such women, calling them trailer-park trash. On Friday, the Hillary Clinton campaign announced it was pulling out of Ohio, a move explained by the New York Times as being because ″Ohio no longer matters″ as it is ′too White′.

The reality is that Hillary Clinton personally does not like anyone unless they donate millions of dollars to her. She could care less about you, the average American. You simply are not on her radar. We already know that she thinks half of the country is either deplorable or crazy with fear. Another point she made in this newly leaked audio recording is that Hillary does not want to promise much of anything to voters. One could say this is because she has no intention of doing anything for the average American.

Just look at her answer during the first debate against Trump on how to rebuild the economy. She gave no real specifics other than buying her stupid book or visiting her stupid website. Beyond that, she did mention building the ′Green Energy′ industry. Like Obama didn′t try to do that already? Barack Obama wasted over $150 Billion dollars from 2009 through 2015 trying to build up green energy with nothing to show for it. Heavily subsidized companies like Solyndra went belly up. Others failed and were bought by the Chinese like the auto-battery company A123 Systems.

Hillary Clinton is doing very poorly with Millennial voters. She also is not doing so well with Black and Hispanic voters, either. Some recent polls show her with less support than John Kerry had amongst African-Americans in 2004, where he got 88%. Another voting block Hillary is not doing well with are labor union members. Even while many unions have endorsed her, many polls, including internal union polling, show the rank-in-file membership being lukewarm towards her.

Donald Trump is certainly making a dent in traditional Democratic Party voting blocks. He is certainly doing much better with such groups than either John McCain and Mitt Romney. What Trump lacks with specifics he makes up for with ′techno-babble′. During Monday′s debate, Trump again talked about creating jobs with ′Corporate Inversion′, enabling multi-national firms to bring their overseas profits back here to invest and expand. Now, as a ″Star Trek″ fan, I love techno-babble! How do you locate Romulan Warbirds when are cloaked? Simple, modify the deflector shield to emit an inverse tachyon particle beam! Sounds great to me! You′d think that Star Fleet would make such devices as standard equipment on their ships so their engineers wouldn′t have to monkey around with the deflector shield while under fire.

This is where Donald Trump scores a big hit. You would think that our government would encourage corporations to bring their oversea profits home rather than sit in some Swiss bank. But, nope! The dummies in Washington DC are too stupid, or too corrupt, to do what should be common sense. Donald Trump is Mr. Common Sense! Too many immigrants coming in from regions loaded with Islamic terrorist? Subject them to ′Extreme Vetting′ to weed out the bad guys! Its a no-brainer! Trump is common sense with the common touch that the Common Man can understand and accept.

This is why Hillary Clinton is doing so poorly with Millennial voters, as well as other traditional Democratic Party voting blocks. Her views, her policies, are all oriented solely for the super-wealthy and other Elitists. Sure, she is still bamboozling the ignorant with the help of The Media. But, as more info is leaked about how she really feels and thinks, many of the bamboozled are wising up. Hillary is playing every ′Hate Card′ she can grab and, sooner than later, you run out of people to love. Donald Trump love every American because he loves America and wants to make it first again. Make America First and Make America Great Again! That is the Trump Way!

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