Wednesday was not a good day for Barack Obama. Both wings of Congress voted to override the Obama veto of the 9-11 JASTA Bill, which would allow families of terrorist victims to sue nations involved. This was the first time that any of Obama′s vetoes has been overturned. But the bad day for Obama did not end there. He later appeared on CNN for a town hall event with members and family of the U.S. military. The event was meant to be a ′victory lap′ for Obama as his term in office draws near an end. Instead, Obama was asked why he refuses to use the phrase ″Islamic terrorists″? Obama answered that these ″radicals may feel offended″. Oh really? Well, isn′t that just too bad!

Guess what? I am playing the smallest violin in the world for those poor, radical Islamic terrorists whom Obama thinks might be offended. Boo-Hoo on them! Goodness gracious! This guy is just totally insane! Barack Hussein Obama is completely off his rocker if he really thinks this way. He doesn′t want to offend terrorists, huh?Why not? Does Obama think that they will behead fewer Christians? Rape fewer women? Abuse fewer young girls? Blow up fewer soft targets?

This is just pure crazy talk by Obama. And to say this in a room full of our active duty military and their families. What the hell is he thinking? People on the Far Left wonder why anybody would support Donald Trump? I′ll tell you why. Because Trump doesn′t give a rat′s ass about offending radical Islamic terrorists! Trump wants them killed outright or captured so we can water-board some intel out of them! This namby-pamby approach by Obama is exactly why ISIS has gone from being a dozen or so defeated enemy combatants on the run to forming an international caliphate now spread to some 30 odd countries. Hillary Clinton is not any better, either, when it comes to taking a hard line of these jackasses. Thanks to Obama and Hillary, most of Africa and the Middle East is wide open territory for the Islamic State to conquer and use.

On the subject of the 9-11 JASTA Bill having its veto overturned, I am not all that surprised. I think that the reason many Democrats supported over riding the Obama veto was their belief that some of these lawsuits which the families of terrorist victims will initiate will wind up smearing George W. Bush. After all, it was under his administration that a whole bunch of people fled America right after 9-11, including many family members related to Osama bin Laden. Many of them fled to Saudi Arabia, from which many of the 9-11 hijackers came from. The Saudis were the biggest critics of the JASTA Bill, even making threats of dumping U.S. bonds on the market which could cause some financial chaos.

While we all know how much Barack Obama likes to bow and scrape before the Saudis, Hillary Clinton is not any better. She and Bill Clinton made a lot of money on speaking fees during their visits to the region. The Bush family is also knee deep in this quagmire, too. But, the people have spoken and the House and Senate heard them. The Obama veto on the 9-11 JASTA Bill was overturned by substantial margins. Now, if we can just get them to toss Obama out of office early for not wanting to offend radical Islamic terrorists, we′ll be in good shape when Donald Trump takes over.

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