Doomsday Prepping is not just for bucked-tooth, hicks with Southern drawls anymore. The super rich, like Bill Gates, along with Hollywood stars, athletes, and other millionaire-billionaire elites are going prepper. The latest fear to go along with terrorist attacks, solar flares and zombies is a possible win by Donald Trump. So says an article in the Hollywood Reporter. The Trump-Apocalypse may only be weeks away and panic is setting in for the globalist elites. They are spending big bucks for luxury bunkers to survive. One company, according to the Hollywood Reporter, is Rising S Bunkers, which just built a 37-room, 9,000 square-foot bunker in Napa Valley for an Academy Award winning client. The cost was reported to be $10,280,000! The bubker is complete with a bowling alley, sauna, jacuzzi, shooting range, theater, swimming pool greenhouse, game room and gym. They also built another bunker for $9 Million dollars that will house 12 people and has horse stables and 4 escape tunnels should the occupants need to runaway.

Bill Gates is said to have a bunker under each of his properties. Other companies like Ultimate Bunker in Utah, and Vivos in Del Mar, California, cater to the upscale crowd and sales are booming. Construction of luxury, doomsday bunkers has increased 150% just from last year. Just in the Los Angeles area, construction of bunkers has gone up 700% in the last year. Most are modest in the 500 sq.ft. range, starting at around $112,000. These typically can keep 4 to 5 people safe and sound. On the other end are two massive facilities being developed by S.A.F.E., Strategically Armored & Fortified Environments, each costing some $100 Million dollars! The clients are a venture capitalist and a major, real estate developer. These bunkers are designed to with stand everything from a nuclear blast, a pandemic and even a solar flare.

I have seen other articles in the past year about the dramatic rise in bunker construction by the super rich. Those whom have been paying attention know that since 2000, bunker construction, along with smaller ′safe rooms′ has been steadily increasing. Sales of guns, ammunition and long-term food are also growing each year. Former Congressman Ron Paul is now pitching for a company selling a home freeze-drying machine, so you can prepare your own favorite foods to sustain you for as long as 25 years. After the popular TV series ″Doomsday Preppers″ was aired on the National Geographic Channel, prepping really took off in a big way.

As one who has been interested in the whole subject ever since I read the book by Dolly Reed, ″Possum Living″, back in the early 1970s, the idea of survival and being self sufficient has attracted me. In the early 1990s, I had the good fortune to become acquainted with Kurt Saxon, the Father of Survivalism. He inspired me to take it to the next level as a political movement, which we call ′Peasant Anarchy′.

To be a peasant anarchist is to divorce yourself as much as possible from ′Main Stream Society′, or, if you prefer, ′The System′. Many political and economic theoreticians do draw parallels between Consumerism and Fascism. By instilling or brainwashing a populace to want more gadgets and toys and to generally keep up with the Jones, you become more locked in to The System. You are more willing to discard morality and ethics in order to cash that paycheck so you can buy more ′stuff′. You feel good when you buy new stuff. Stuff is the legal narcotic of our society. As a consequence, since you must work harder to buy more stuff, the government gets to tax you more. They tax your income, they tax you when you buy your stuff, they even tax those who make the stuff you want.

Stuff equals taxes and taxes fund tyranny. You can′t run a police state on the free and fancy. Tyranny is expensive. Why do you think we are $20 trillion dollars in debt? Or, actually, more like $200 Trillion dollars, if not much, much more! Thats the cost of wanting all that stuff and the tyranny that comes with it. Peasant Anarchy is the rejection of stuff and the tyranny it brings. Being a peasant is to simplify your life. There are many levels of Peasant Anarchy, depending on your ability to sustain yourself.

For example, as gardener Mel Bartholomew, author of ″Square Foot Gardening″ points out, a small, 4ft by 4ft raised bed garden is all you need to have a fresh salad everyday. Kurt Saxon always advised folks to purchase a simple, cast-iron, hand-cranked grain mill, which cost well under $100. With that, you can buy bulk grains and beans very cheaply, and process them yourself for consumption. You could feed a family of four for a whole year at the cost of one month′s food stamps for one person provided by the government. If you live someplace where you can raise a few chickens, goats, pigs and even a cow or two, you′ll be eating like a king!

Now, I do see the value of having a bunker. But, the real key to survival is cooperation with your local community. When the poop hits the fan, you are far better off surviving with friends, family and neighbors than you would be on your own. Especially if you and your group diversify in skill sets. Not everyone can be a jack of all trades. People tend to have talents and do best when they can focus on their own. One of my favorite TV shows on these days is ″Forged in Fire″ on The History Channel. This show pits black smiths and blade smiths in a competition to make edged weapons. Blacksmithing is definitely one of those basic, fundamental skills that is needed for any civilization. Not just for making weapons, but also for making tools so all of your other fellow survivors can excel at their trades and crafts. A surgeon isn’t much good unless he or she has a good scalpel and a pair of hemostats.

If you want to survive any potential apocalypse, your best option is to relocate to some small town far away from a major urban area. Since jobs are few in such places, plan on bringing your own. If you do well enough, you can hire a local or two for you business and your new community will embrace you even more! There are many ways to be more self sufficient and still a valued member of your local society. But the key to Peasant Anarchy is to first exit the ′Rat Race′ for accumulating needless stuff. Once you do that, you don′t need to earn as much and therefore are taxed less. The less taxes the government can squeeze out of you, the less tyrannical they can be.

Bill Gates and the other super rich who are building doomsday bunkers may learn the hard lessons of true survival. As we see in TV shows like ″The Walking Dead″, having secure places and lots of stuff usually attracts those who don′t. Then, you either better have enough of a force to defend your bunker and stuff, or it will be taken away from you. Or, one of your own will go crazy and burn the place down themselves! That happens quite a bit in ″The Walking Dead″ and its spin-off, ″Fear The Walking Dead″. There is always one person who snaps and goes nuts. The more people you rich folks have around to protect you, the greater the odds that one of them will turn against you. On the other hand, the Peasant Anarchist in a small community is in a better position, as everyone is more or less equal at the start. Less chance of mutiny.

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