Donald Trump squared off with Hillary Clinton last night in the first presidential debate of 2016. From the results of all but one on-line poll, Donald Trump was the clear winner. Most polls, like those of The Slate, CBS News and Time Magazine, had Trump beating Hillary around 65% to 35%. Drudge Report had the largest ′turn out′ for its poll showing Trump winning with more than 80%. Only the CNN, Clinton Noodle News, showed Hillary winning 61% to 39%. Neither candidate made any major gaffes, so one could call it a tie. Even the Bravo TV poll during ″Watch Whats Happening Live″ showed only 4% might change their vote after viewing the 90-minute debate. So last night was pretty much Round One in this match-up with Trump earning a ′technical′ win. He stayed on message, he didn′t do anything kooky, and Trump was generally very polite and well mannered.

Hillary Clinton was on the offensive most of the evening, jabbing away at Donald Trump with a variety of old, worn out digs. She tried to hit him with helping the rich, Trump′s tax returns, and even charged him with being racist and sexist. But, like a prize fighter, a heavy weight champion, Trump absorbed the blows well, and scored a few hits of his own. Even with Lester Holt aiding Hillary, interrupting Trump 41 times and asking Trump 6 follow-up questions while none for Hillary, Trump managed to ′keep it real′. Donald struck back on the tax returns saying he will go against his lawyer′s advice and release the returns when Hillary releases those 33,000 emails she and her staff deleted. Trump told Hillary that her email scandal was ″more than just a mistake″. He cast her and the whole Democratic Party as a bunch of phonies for how they manipulate Black and Hispanic voters.

Hillary′s attacks, and even those issues pushed by Lester Holt against Trump were all minor, small-potato items. Trump, on the other hand, blasted Hillary on very big issues. How she failed as Secretary of State from keeping America safe. Keeping jobs in America. Trump repeatedly nailed her with her legacy of being in Washington for 30 years and having little to show for it. He even slammed her for starting the whole birther movement and for being so disgraceful towards Barack Obama in 2008. Trump stayed on message reminding America that Hillary Clinton has had 30 years to do that which she is promising now and failed. Worse yet, how she showed bad judgment and made bad choices and decisions.

This is why I have to give Donald Trump the win for last night. Not only did he make his case for being the true candidate for change, Trump also succeeded in making Hillary Clinton the ultimate Insider. Now, to be fair, he could have hit her harder on these and other topics. But, also to be fair, the debate was only 90 minutes long, so he was limited on what he could say and do. Again, like a prize fighter, Trump withstood Hillary′s attacks. With two more presidential debates to go, he will have an opportunity later to deliver a knock out blow.

Hillary Clinton did make several mistakes which may cost her in the long run. Her slamming police and the policy of ′Stop and Frisk′ put her on the side of lawless rioters and criminals. She clearly wants to expand gun control laws and weaken the Second Amendment. Hillary also came across very foolishly when she pitched her stupid book which hardly anybody has purchased and her dopey website. She repeatedly begged for ′fact checking′ despite the number of lies she told last night.

I watched the debate on C-SPAN, so I probably won′t be counted as a viewer since they don′t do that. I was amused that to off set the height advantage Trump has over Hillary, the cameras were set to make Hillary look bigger than she really is. Trump is so tall and large framed that the picture of him did not even show his left arm and shoulder. But, despite this use of optical illusions, the real optics still favored Trump. Just having Donald Trump on the same stage as Hillary made him look not only presidential, but stronger and more powerful than her.

On top of everything else, Donald Trump remained authentic while Hillary Clinton appeared scripted and zombie like. Yes, the return of #ZombieHillary was seen last night! Even with the help of Lester Holt, Hillary came across as stiff as ever. Trump was correct on every point when he counter punched, though he held back from punching too hard. There are still two more presidential debates to go for 2016 and plenty of topics to discuss. Hopefully, Trump will be able to bring up Benghazi, the Clinton Foundation and more on her email scandals. But, more importantly, as long as Donald Trump can keep beating the drum that Hillary Clinton is a career politician who has bed judgment and never delivers on her promises, Trump will do just fine.

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