With less than a dozen hours before the first 2016 Presidential Debate, Donald J. Trump and Hillary Rodham Clinton are virtually tied in some of the latest polls. Two polls show them dead even in the states of Pennsylvania and Colorado, states once thought as ′firewalls′ for Hillary Clinton. In Virginia, another state once thought solidly supporting Hillary, Donald Trump has slashed her lead in half from 12 to 6 points. Trump continues to gain ground in genuine ′swing states′ like Florida, Ohio, Nevada and North Carolina. Nationwide, some polls have Trump well out in front by 5 points or more. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton is losing support from Millennial voters, going from a 29-point advantage down to just 10 points.

Now, I′m not saying that the game is over for Hillary. There are still 42 full campaigns days left before Election Day. But the trend here is certainly not good news for her. The Clinton campaign has been outspending Trump by a factor of twenty times or more and she is losing ground. So TV ads are not getting the job done. Practically the entire Main Stream Media is on her side, boosting her qualifications and character while trashing Trump with every little thing they can come up with. The latest was seen this morning on MSNBC where Mark Halperin badgered Trump manager Kellyanne Conway for 5 minutes asking her about Trump claiming that Lester Holt is a Democrat. Conway repeatedly responded that Trump was not aware that Holt is registered as a Republican, but Halperin was not accepting her answer.

On the other hand, The Media is already attacking Holt themselves, in an effort to force him to act as an instant ′fact checker′ and call out Trump for any lies or errors he may make during the debate. Of course, the Clinton campaign is also attacking Holt charging that if he asks Hillary any ′difficult′ questions, Holt is being sexist. Will The Media attack Holt if he does not call out Hillary Clinton for any lies or errors she may say? My guess is that if he did, The Media would crucify him.

With estimates of 75 to 100 million viewers tonight, this first presidential debate at Hofstra University may wind up beating the old record from 1980, where just over 80 million watched Ronald Reagan annihilate Jimmy Carter. Carter maintained a large lead in the polls nearly right up to election day, only to lose in a total blow-out. Reagan achieved one of the greatest landslide victories in presidential history. Many are predicting that tonight′s debate may determine the eventual outcome. That the estimated 11% of voters whom have either yet to make up their minds, or are still changeable, will make their final decision.

Will you be watching the first 2016 presidential debate between Donald J. Trump and Hillary Rodham Clinton tonight? Will the outcome of the debate at Hofstra University in Hempsted, NY change your mind on whom to vote for? Or are you already committed to one of the candidates? Who do you think will win tonight? Will Hillary Clinton have another coughing fit, wet herself or faint from exhaustion? Will Donald Trump come out as the stronger presidential candidate who truly will Make America Great Again? Less than 12 hours till we have some answers.

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