According to the latest Friday night ′document dump′ by the FBI, Barack Obama used a pseudonym when emailing Hillary Clinton on her private email server account. Once again, Obama has been proven to be a liar, as he told CBS News that he did not learn about her having a private email account until the story broke in news. We also learned in this latest document dump that the FBI granted immunity to other Clinton aides other than to Brian Paggalino, who set up the private server. Clinton′s attorney, Heather Samuelson, State Department staffer John Bentel and Hillary′s chief of staff, Cheryl Mills, were also granted immunity during the FBI investigation. Maybe the next dump will show that the FBI also gave immunity to Huma Abedin?

So, what we have here is more evidence that ′The Fix′ was in from the very beginning. The FBI and Justice Department clearly never had any intention of truly investigating the mishandling of classified materials by Hillary Rodham Clinton. To actually do so would have resulted in also casting Barack Obama, himself, along with many others, as being willing accomplices with direct knowledge of Hillary′s wrong doing.

I am not surprised by any of this. Barack Obama is a pathological liar. He lies about everything! I suspected that he knew all along that Hillary was violating his own rules about using private email accounts to conduct public business. Now, the FBI confirms that he did. That the FBI was handing out immunity like Halloween candy shows they never intended on prosecuting anyone. For the sake of providing political cover and protection to Hillary Clinton, the FBI willingly became part of a government cover up. J. Edgar Hoover must be turning in his grave!

Yes, dear friends, America is being ruled under criminal government in this ′Current Year′. Obama routinely violates the Constitution so much so that even the U.S. Supreme Court and several lower federal courts have called him out about it. Now, the very concept of justice itself has been discarded for the sake of Hillary Clinton. We live in dark, scary times, folks. The only reason why there has been no general uprising over this is because we are in an election cycle. If Donald Trump wins, then ′The Revolt′ will be peaceful and legal. If Hillary Clinton wins, I shudder to think what may happen.

I know that George Orwell says that Man is infinitely malleable. But there is breaking point. People will only take so much screwing over before they′ve had enough. We are coming dangerously close to that moment when the iron boot starts stomping on our faces endlessly. One thing is for certain, the process for exercising ourselves of these nincompoops like Obama and Hillary will not be pretty. The Devil will be paid in full, as he always is. If Hillary is elected, then we are headed for either a Constitutional crisis or outright anarchy. I don′t advocate it, I don′t want to see it, but I have to call′em as I see′um.

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