The first 2016 Presidential Debate to be held at Hofstra University on Long Island, NY is shaping up to be a battle of the mind games. Hillary Clinton has invited Mark Cuban, a long time critic and Twitter opponent of Donald Trump. In response, Trump joked that he may invite Gennifer Flowers, former mistress of Bill Clinton. She has accepted the potential invitation. Another woman, Juanita Broaddrick, who claims that Bill Clinton allegedly raped her also wants a front row seat! Meanwhile, the Clinton campaign is stirring up the pot with preemptive charges of sexism if NBC News guy Lester Holt asks Hillary a ′tough question′. They are also unhappy with the debate rules, such as no bathroom breaks, no stool for the weak, sickly Hillary Clinton to rest on, and no breaks should Hillary start coughing. Will Hillary wear a big enough diaper or urine bag to get her through 90 minutes?

I swear, this is going to be some fun tomorrow night! Can you imagine how Hillary would react with both Gennifer Flowers and Juanita Broaddrick glaring at her from the front row? Hillary′s eyes may start wandering in different directions before she passes out or starts foaming at the mouth. As usual, Hillary is over playing her hand. She took several days off to ′cram′ for the debates. Trump thinks that maybe she just needed to catch up on her sleep since she has such little stamina. On the other side, Donald Trump is high energy and low drag, slashing through Clinton Country, shrinking her once huge lead down to nothing.

Trump will not be phased at all by Mark Cuban being in the audience. Who cares about Cuban? He′s just jealous because Trump is more popular than him. Cuban is one of the business people on ″Shark Tank″, a rip-off of the popular Canadian and British TV series, ″Dragon′s Den″. In fact, two of the regulars on ″Shark Tank″ are from the Canadian version, as they probably own a piece of it. Trump owns a big slice of his hit TV series, ″The Apprentice″. Mark Burnett choose well in collaborating with Donald Trump. Even after some 10 years, ″The Apprentice″ still draws huge audiences of 20 Million viewers or more each week. ″Shark Tank″ was lucky to get a quarter of that.

We expect both the Clinton and Trump campaigns to downplay and lower the bar for tomorrow night′s debate. But, the Clinton camp can only go so far if their chief argument, that she is more experienced and qualified is to remain a selling point. This is why they are so upset with the debate format and rules. The lack of a bathroom break, or no TV cut-away should she start coughing would be disastrous for Hillary Clinton. If she starts coughing or visibly wets herself on TV, that′s it! Game over! Likewise if she starts to become unglued with Gennifer Flowers glaring at her.

Trump definitely has the upper hand in these debates. Not only is he still, technically, the ′Underdog′, he is also taller and more attractive than Hillary. You gotta admit, Trump looks good for his age and dresses impeccably well. Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, looks dreadful. She is not aging well at all and her fashion choices are awful. Even Tim Gunn of ″Project Runway″ couldn′t save her! I always chuckle whenever Michael Savage describes her as looking like ″Stalin′s maid″. Hillary looks like Colonel Klebb of SMERSH from the James Bond movie, ″From Russia With Love″.

Beyond appearances, Donald Trump also has the advantage of actually having rational policy ideas. Securing our borders, vetting immigrants from terrorist regions, renegotiating trade deals and supporting those who protect us, our military and police, will all play well with the audience. Hillary Clinton is just reselling the same old trash that we have now in this ′Current Year′ of the Barack Obama administration. Failed policies, failed programs, failed actions. Hillary has inherited the failed presidency of Obama which has set America backwards economically, politically and as a super power. Much of this is covered in the latest book by the a for mentioned Michael Savage, ″Scorched Earth″.

America simply cannot afford another 4 years of Obama by electing Hillary Clinton. We can survive Donald Trump. Even if he only delivers 10% of what he promises, Trump will keep America from diving off a cliff. If Trump gets half of his agenda passed, he will have bought us perhaps another 20 years before the next major crisis emerges. There are plenty of scenarios for a major crisis to hit us now. Not the least of which are the ′Sovereign Debt Bubble′, the ′Student Loan Bubble′ and a couple of other financial bubbles. Add to those terrorism, cyber attacks, a nuclear Iran, China expanding in the Western Pacific, Russia expanding in eastern Europe. The world is far more dangerous now than it has been for the past couple of decades since the Cold War.

We need a strong leader like Donald Trump. Somebody to stand up to the freaks in our own society and our enemies abroad. Hillary Clinton has proven that she can do neither. She has embraced the freaks and has sold us out to our enemies for cold, hard cash. Even now, her plan to use Mark Cuban to psyche out Donald Trump is a failure. Whereas Trump′s threat to invite Gennifer Flowers to the first 2016 Presidential Debate at Hofstra University is certainly a winner. If nothing happens on stage, the big news item all day Tuesday will be Flowers attending. That will just remind America once again how Hillary Clinton is a rotten, crooked bitch!

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