My ′Spidey-senses′ tingled when I heard the ′news′ that Ted Cruz has endorsed Donald Trump. Did he really? Will Ted Cruz truly vote for Trump? Or is he just saying this because he knows that he has become a total pariah and faces annihilation in the coming ′Age of the Sh*t Lords′? Cruz is definitely plotting his 2018 reelection campaign for his US Senate seat in Texas. He now is slated to appear on the Glenn/Glenda Beck show to explain himself. Glenn/Glenda was so upset upon hearing of Cruz′s decision that he may bandit it up to the hills and hide in the mountains once the ′Sh*t Lords′ take over. Oh, trust me, THEY WILL!!!

Sorry, folks, but I suspect that Lyin′ Ted is still lying. He did not need to post some 3,000-word, 6-part explanation on Facebook. Three sentences would have sufficed. ″After much thought and prayer, I have decided to vote for Donald Trump for two reasons. First, I promised that I would support the GOP nominee regardless of who it was and I always fulfill my promises. Secondly, Hillary Clinton must be denied the White House or America will be in even more peril than it is in this ′Current Year′.″

That is all he had to say and nobody would have argued. But no, Ted Cruz is still trying to salvage both his career and a failed ideology of ′Pseudo-Conservatism′. What do I mean by ′Pseudo-Conservatism′? Let us consider for our amusement something once written by National Review ′cuck′, Kevin D. Williamson. Back in March, Williamson expressed the core of the Cuckservative, or Pseudo-Conservative viewpoint when he attacked Donald Trump and ′Middle America′. You know, the America which lies between New York City, Washington DC and Los Angeles. The so-called ′Fly-Over′ country.

Williamson believes that the base of Trump supporters comes from the ′dying′ communities of Middle America. In his mind, Williamson says, ″let them die″, for they are too ignorant to retrain for computer or robotics jobs, or too lazy to move elsewhere for jobs in the oil drilling industry or whatever. You see, Williamson, along with the rest of the Cuckservatives, like Glenn-or-Glenda Beck, think that America is an IDEAL. A dream. A state of mind. This is why the Cucks see no reason to have any real borders. This is why the Cucks want to invade every other country and make them part of the IDEAL.

Donald Trump does not share this viewpoint. Trump is a realist. He deals in reality. The reality of steel and concrete structures, and the sweat of the men and women who build and occupy those structures. Trump believes that America is a NATION OF PEOPLE! This is why Bill Kristol and the rest of the Cucks hate Trump. Trump is cutting in on their fantasy. A rather lucrative fantasy, too, I might add! Just think of all the money they raise from donors or book sales, etc, pitching this IDEAL.

This is why Donald Trump has made securing our borders a primary theme for his campaign. This is why Trump′s motto is ″Make America Great Again″. The ′IDEAL′ of America, concepts like individual liberty, self-governance, personal responsibility, are eternal. They are absolutes! They are always great so therefore no need to make them great again, they always have been and always will be great.

Trump is more concerned with The People of America. Most have been left behind by years of corrupt politicians and crooked civic leaders. Be they preachers or professors or even businessmen, there is an elite class that thinks it can do whatever they want regardless of the impact of the larger population. Donald Trump watches the ′news′ and sees how The People are being crapped upon on a daily basis. Whether its by ridiculous bureaucrats or thugs in the streets. Trump′s agenda is to make life better for The People, and therefore make our nation better. Unlike the Cucks, Trump sees that The People ARE The Nation! They, We, are America!

So, even in the endorsement by Ted Cruz for Donald Trump, Cruz continues to avoid reality and still beat the worn-out drum of the ideologue. Lyin′ Ted thinks that this will position himself to win his US Senate seat in 2018, and for another presidential run in 2020. Of course, when Trump wins, all bets are off for 2020! And Trump WILL WIN! A second professor, Allan Lichtman, who has predicted every presidential winner since 1984, has given the nod to Trump in 2016. Earlier this year, Prof. Helmut Norpoth said that in his prediction model, which ais based on every election since 1912, gives Trump a 97% chance of winning. The Age of the Sh*t Lords is coming fast! If you are still a Cuck, like Greg Cuckfeld or Dana PeRINO, you better reserve your private jet to flee America soon. Even Fox News will not save you in this ′Current Year′! Hah-Hah!

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