Actor Brad Pitt may be hearing from the FBI soon. Allegations have been made that Pitt may have committed some form of child abuse against his 15 year-old son, Maddox. TMZ broke the story of how the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services had been contacted about an incident last week Wednesday on an airport tarmac. The Hollywood power-couple, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, had returned from a trip on their private plane. The allegations are that Pitt may have been verbally and physically abusive. The Los Angeles Police Department says that it is not investigating the incident. Whatever did happen on or after that flight may be the reason that Jolie filed for divorce on Monday, citing that the couple has separated the day after the event. People Magazine confirms that the FBI has been called into the matter since the event began during the flight from France.

Okay, so Brad Pitt may be in some hot water. Not that it matters in the ′Big Picture′. Other than Pitt displacing Donald Trump as the most ′googled′ person for a day or two, there is not much else to concern ourselves with. I am sympathetic to Angelina Jolie since she is a fan of Ayn Rand. She also recently attacked Barack Obama over some foreign policy issues. You go, Grrrl!

I was tempted to write about the rioting in Charlotte, but that seems to be subsiding. The third night of street protests was relatively calm compared to the first two nights. I guess all the good stuff, sneakers and cigarettes, have already been looted. Of the 45 or so people arrested, 70% are from other states, which could, in a non-political world of justice, qualify them as agitators and subject to federal laws concerning crossing state lines to incite riots. But, we can guess that Loretta Lynch will not pursue such cases as the agitators are pals with Barack Obama.

Lynch probably won′t pursue federal charges against Brad Pitt, either. Who knows? Maybe he′ll meet with her on some tarmac to discuss raising children or playing golf? Maybe they′ll talk about his next movie, or an older one which Loretta Lynch fancies? Then, suddenly, within days if not hours, the FBI investigation will end. Some reports say that Pitt had been drinking prior to the alleged incident. So an intoxicated man slaps around or berates a lippy teenager. What else is new? Lucky the kid didn′t get tossed out of the private plane over the Atlantic. Now THAT would be news!

We have over a thousand potential ISIS supporters spread across all 50 U.S. states. We have another recovering in a hospital after allegedly planting bombs all over New York and New Jersey. The FBI doesn′t seem to have the time review Hillary Clinton′s testimony before Congress to determine if she lied under oath. They say they do not have the time or man power to investigate all these possible Islamic terrorists in America. But they have the time to determine if Brad Pitt may have allegedly raised his voice to a teenage boy. One would think that had Children Services been alarmed, the LAPD would have called in to make an arrest already.

Nah, this is one for Divorce Court. Had there been any signs of actual physical abuse, Brad Pitt would have been arrested immediately. But he wasn′t. Heck, if Pitt did do something bad, I suspect that Angelina Jolie would have kicked his butt herself. Surely she has learned something from all of her action flicks. I can see her tossing him out of their private jet over the Atlantic! Is Brad Pitt an abusive drunk or stoner? Who knows? It will all come out in the divorce proceedings. For now, I′ll be watching those videos showing Hillary Clinton and her ′wandering eye′, another sign of her probable mental disorders.

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