Hillary Rodham Clinton went psycho during a video conference with a labor union, angrily asking the question, ″Why aren′t I 50 points ahead of Donald Trump?″ Why indeed? She has outspent Trump by a factor of 50 or more for TV ads in crucial battleground states like Florida. Hillary is blowing through money as fast as she can raise it and getting nowhere. Of course, the answer lies in that nobody really likes her very much. Even a new NBC News – Wall Street Journal poll that puts her ahead of Trump by about 5 points has some disturbing numbers. More than 40% of those who say they will vote for her are actually just voting against Trump. To be fair, in the same poll, about half of Trump′s supporters are just voting against Hillary Clinton.

Video below…

The poll also shows why people do not like Hillary. About 36% oppose her record as Secretary of State, namely all the trouble she caused in Libya, Syria and Egypt. Another 29% have issues with her email scandal. Following that, 9% are upset at her calling Trump supporters a ′basket of deplorables′ and 8% are concerned that she is too unhealthy to serve as president.

Hillary Clinton had a huge lead following the DNC convention. But, then the reality of her various scandals began to pile on. Leaked emails from WikiLeaks and DC-Leaks shed new light on her being ″extremely careless″ about national security. Other leaked emails shed new light about her activities involving favors to Clinton Foundation donors. Then we had the whole ′pneumonia′ thing. At each step along this path, one thing keeps becoming clearer and clearer, Hillary Clinton is a LIAR! She lies about everything!

Those around her are not much better. Her immediate staff from the State Department, who are pretty much still working for her now, are a bunch of shifty liars, too. Tales of smashing Blackberry smart phones and arranging for seats at state dinners for donors who gave the Clinton Foundation millions of dollars. Zero Hedge published a story about how Clinton ally David Brock is allegedly making tons of cash just moving money from one of 11 different pro-Clinton, non-profit orgs he runs to another, earning a 12.5% commission on each transaction through a for-profit consulting firm he owns. All of these orgs and such all share the same office, the same address. He doesn′t have to move a muscle to make his money.

Its all a scam! The Clinton bunch are not alone, pretty much everybody in politics does this stuff. But the Clintons do it to the extreme. Their actions are very obvious, unless, of course, you work for the Justice Department or FBI. Then, you must do handsprings to ignore and avoid seeing what is happening.

The other part of the problem as to why Hillary Clinton is not ″50 points ahead″ is that she has been acting too entitled. People do not warm up to such elitism. Back in 2008 she thought she deserved to be in the White House and it cost her dearly. Hillary is acting the exact same way now. She has gotten it away with it so far only because Obama is not in the picture and The Media is supporting her. Her outburst during this video conference is just plain arrogance. Aside from that, she is just wrong about everything when it comes to her policy choices. The other day, she actually started sounding more like Trump in talking about vetting immigrants. Even Hillary has figured out that nobody likes her ideas. She might still win in November, but we′ll see how things shape up after the debates. Donald Trump has the momentum right now and could breakout come next week. Some are estimating that 100 Million Americans will watch the first debate on Monday night. I just don′t see Hillary doing well at all. Watch the video yourself below and see what I′m talking about.

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