Mighty sad that after over 7.5 years, Barack Hussein Obama is still the most idiotic president in American history. One would think that he might actually have developed a brain cell or two by now. But, no, he is still a dope! His reaction to the latest acts of radical Islamic terrorism certainly show this. The Obama administration considers the ′War on Terror′ a ′War of Narratives′. Not a war where people get blown up, set on fire, gunned down or beheaded. So explained Obama′s senior liar, Josh Earnest. Even John Kerry, Mr. Ketchup, expressed this view several weeks ago when he said that the press should not report on all of the terrorism on our world. Add to this Obama′s enormous ego as he told the Congressional Black Caucus that if Blacks do not vote for Hillary Clinton, he will take it as a personal insult. So I have to wonder if Obama is so crazy that he may indeed be the author of ″The Divine Word of Kek″, using the pen name of Saint Obamas Mom Jeans?

Obama Mom Jeans

Kooky, huh? Well, that is what you get when trolling /pol/ at 4chan. Which, of course, leads me to my true topic purpose of the day. Humor! Yes, what separates us from the pointed-headed Liberal-Progressive-Socialists is that we have a sense of humor! They do not!

As long as those of us who are part of ′The Right′ can keep cracking wise, we shall win! I know its tough some days with all that is going on. But when Hillary Clinton becomes paranoid over a cartoon character known as Pepe the Frog, this is clearly a sign that that she has flipped her lid. Next thing you know, she′ll be talking about how to buy bull semen stock and futures as a sound, financial investment.

Obama is not much better. He is as sour as a sour puss can be. He has a horrible sense of comic timing, even when reading from scripted jokes prepared by the best writers from Hollywood. Perhaps one can say that those writers are not very funny after all, and that would be a correct statement. Very few comic writers are any good. But, I believe that even if Obama had some first-rate material, he would still blow it. His delivery just stinks!

There is no point in wasting any more time and effort in criticizing Obama′s idiotic world view. For starters, he will shortly be out of office and no longer worthy of copy. Come January 20, the best advice I have is to just forget Obama ever existed. Beyond that, we should just simply ignore him. Maybe Obama and Ted Cruz can rent a condo together in Irrelevant Ville?

What else can one say about Barack Obama and his staffers viewing the War on Terror as merely a ′War of Narratives′? Obviously, it is a wrong. Incorrect. Ridiculous. As for me, I will still keep trolling /pol/ at 4chan, looking for funny memes. Maybe even take up worshiping Kek should Hillary Clinton win in November. If Donald Trump wins, then obviously I will worship him, instead. Yes, humor! The secret weapon which keeps us going through these dark times. All you get from Liberals is nonstop anger. They are always mad about something. But we on ′The Right′ can chuckle our way through hell itself. Especially when powered by ′Meme Magic′! Don′t forget to buy some bull semen stock and futures, Hillary Clinton approves of them.

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