I have been greatly amused by the reaction by The Media after Donald Trump ′tricked′ them last Friday. I say ′tricked′ because he did not actually trick them, he merely spoke the truth. But ′The Truth′ is so foreign to ′The Media′ that they trick themselves constantly. Take for example Katty Kay of the BBC, who appeared on ″Morning Joe″ today. Mika and Schmoe were still all in angst over Trump and the whole birther thing when Katty mistakenly told the truth while attempting to lie. The issue was how Trump is still talking about how Barack Obama may not be a US-born citizen for the past 5 years after Trump forced Obama to release a copy of the ′long-form′ birth certificate. Katty Kay said that Trump still ″raises″ the topic each he is ″questioned″ about it.

Well, what do you expect him to do? If he is questioned about it by The Media, of course he is going to talk about it. But the facts are that since 2011, when Trump forced Obama to release his birth certificate, Trump has always stated that Obama is a US citizen. Sure, he tosses in that there are some who question the authenticity of the document, but that is part of the truth. People do question it!

The Media is also upset that Trump blames the 2008 Hillary Rodham Clinton campaign for starting the ′Birther Movement′. Again, Trump is correct! There is that ′hanging chad′ of a memo from Clinton pollster, Mark Penn, questioning using Obama′s ″exotic″ background as an issue. He was not alone. There were several other Clinton staffers and supporters who questioned where Obama was born and whether or not he was a Muslim. It was indeed Hillary′s supporters who started spreading around the now famous photo of Obama wearing Kenyan clothing, turban and all.

Let us also not forget that this incident began a feud between the Clinton and Obama campaigns. Bill Clinton was essentially called a racist after saying that the Obama ′story′ was the ″biggest fairy tale I′ve ever seen.″ Ben Smith of ″The Politico″ outlined in 2011 the whole origins of the birther story and how the Clinton campaign tried to float it. Of course, Chris Matthews during ″Hardball″ on December 8, 2007 mentioned how Hillary Clinton was trying to say that Obama was born in Indonesia and was Muslim. So whether the topic is Kenya, Indonesia, or Obama being Muslim, there is no doubt that Hillary Clinton, her campaign and supporters did indeed start the whole birther issue. Here is a link to the NBC News website which has the transcript from that episode of ″Hardball″.

Donald Trump was a master of media when he duped them into airing his Friday event, which featured a group of high-ranking retired generals, admirals and military heroes who had endorsed him. Trump waited till the very end of the event before making his comments about Barack Obama being a US-born citizen. CNN and MSNBC were furious that they wound up giving Trump about 20 minutes of free air time. Whats worse, ′The Media′ was upset that they have been shown to be the biased liars that they are.

Hillary Clinton raised the whole birther issue last week to deflect from her own health problems. As well as how her support among Black, Hispanic and Millennial voters is declining. With just 50 days left to go, Donald Trump is kicking her butt across the nation. In states like Colorado, where Hillary had a huge lead, Trump is now on top in the polls. That so-called ′journalists′ tricked themselves into being misled by their own biased views is not unusual. Two weeks ago, an Alt-Right press conference held at the historic Willard Hotel in Washington, DC, went about the same way. Reporters asked the dumbest questions and were given sarcastic answers which the ′journalists′ accepted as ′The Truth′. ″The Daily Beast″ even ran an interview which was quickly dismissed as a scam by ″The Daily Caller″. It is not hard to fool the press. They fool themselves every time they open their mouths. They are so used to telling whatever lies Obama, George Soros, the CFR, Trilateral Commission, Goldman Sachs and the Kennedy School of Government tells them.

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