The Federal Bureau of Investigations, FBI, has issued a wanted poster for Ahmad Khan Rahami, a 28 year-old, naturalized, U.S. citizen born in Afghanistan. He is wanted for questioning as a possible suspect in connection to the New York City explosion on Saturday night in the Chelsea district of Manhattan. Rahami is a resident of Elizabeth, New Jersey, where a backpack loaded with several bombs was located at a train station overnight. A police bomb robot exploded one device while attempting to disarm it. The FBI also took into custody 5 other men of Afghan descent while driving a car which was loaded with weapons Sunday evening. Indications are that there is a terror cell in operation in the NY-NJ area which is responsible for all of the recent bombing incidents of this past weekend.

UPDATE!!! Ahmad Khan Rahami was taken into custody after a shoot-out with Linden, NJ police. Rahami was wounded, as well as one officer, according to earlier reports now at 11:46am EDT.

Ahmad Khan Rahami

The FBI wanted poster describes Ahmad Khan Rahami as being about 5-foot, 6-inches tall and weighing about 200 lb.s. He has brown hair, brown eyes and brown facial hair. Rahami should be considered ″armed and dangerous″. Those with information about him should contact the FBI via their toll-free tip line, 1-800-CALL-FBI, or contacting any FBI office, American Embassy or Consulate.

In other American Terrorism news, the identity of the St. Cloud, Minnesota attacker, who stabbed nine people at the Crossroads Center Shopping Mall Saturday night, was 22 year-old Dahir A. Adan. Adan was born in Somalia and came to America with his family as refugees back in 2001. The Islamic State, or ISIS, ISIL, has declared Adan as a ″soldier of the Islamic State″. Adan went on a stabbing rampage, questioning victims if they were Muslim and shouting ″Allah″ frequently. He was gunned down by an off-duty, former police chief who killed Adan about 5 minutes after the stabbings began. Seems that even after being here for 15 years, Adan had no interest in being an American citizen.

Needless to say, The Media was harshly critical of Donald Trump as he correctly called the NYC explosion a bombing. A tired, subdued Hillary Clinton also called the incident a bombing, but The Media did not chastise her. Apparently, The Media only smokes cigars made by Commie stooges! [ALERT!: Another ″Dr. Strangelove″ reference.] More on the idiocy of The Media in another post.

So, to wrap things up, the FBI is on the lookout for Ahmad Khan Rahami. He is a 28 year-old Afghan-born, naturalized, US citizen wanted for questioning for the NYC explosion and other bombings and bomb devices found in NY and NJ. Police and the FBI raided Rahami′s residence in Elizabeth, New Jersey just hours after the discovery of a backpack at the local train station in Elizabeth. Several bombs were found in the backpack and one exploded while a police robot attempted to disarm it. Five other men of Afghan descent were taken into custody last night by the FBI in connection with these events. NYC is on high alert as the annual opening of the United Nations General Assembly takes place this week.

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