Saturday turned out to be a day of terror across America. In Seaside Park, New Jersey, a morning charity run to raise money for the U.S. Marine Corps veterans and families was canceled after a pipe bomb exploded. The device was hidden in a trash can. Fortunately, none of the 5,000 runners, nor bystanders, were injured. Two other unexploded devices were located nearby. In New York City, the evening in Manhattan′s fashionable Chelsea district was rocked by a large explosion, injuring some 29 people. The explosion occurred on West 23rd Street, about halfway between 6th and 7th Avenues. Later, four blocks away on West 27th Street, also between 6th and 7th Avenues, a pressure cooker device was found. In St. Cloud, Minnesota at the Crossroads Shopping Mall, a man shouting ″Allahu Akbar!″ assaulted 8 people with a knife. Witnesses say that he did question at least one person if they were Muslim. Police shot and killed the assailant.

So Mayor Bill De Blasio of New York says that the explosion Saturday night in Manhattan was an ″intentional act″, but refuses to call it terrorism. What a numbskull! What was the intention if not terrorism? Somebody mad about a bad meal at a local restaurant? Maybe somebody was upset due to a sweaty towel left on a workout machine at the gym down the street? C′mon! Be serious for a change. De Blasio is as bad as Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and the rest of the Liberals who refuse to acknowledge that we are in a cultural war with radical Islamists.

Whether you want to accept reality or not, the truth is that terrorism is on the rise throughout the world. Just here in the United States, arrests of people associated with ISIS, or ISIL, in one form or another, have tripled over those arrested in the past with ties to Al Qaeda. There is no doubt that ISIS is doing a better job of recruiting via the Internet. In Europe there is a terrorist event nearly everyday. Most are not reported by the American press unless there are multiple casualties. But almost daily, somebody is stabbed, hacked or raped by a Muslim refugee or native Muslim, who either was trained in Syria or inspired over the Internet.

Officials in Germany recently recommended that their citizens maintain a supply of food and water in the event of a terrorist attack. We have seen how in some situations, whole communities, even whole cities, have been ′locked down′ for hours, if not days, as police search for terrorists. German officials are even telling women of all ethnicities and religions to wear a habib to avoid being raped or molested. The situation has gotten completely out of hand in Europe thanks to their refugee policies. Obama and Hillary both want to do the same here.

There is no doubt that the only presidential candidate running who will act against terrorism is Donald J. Trump. He has vowed to secure the borders and to screen refugees thoroughly. Trump voiced some of this as he spoke to a gathering of families who lost loved ones due attacks by illegal aliens and immigrants. Some of the family members who spoke to the audience were, themselves, legal immigrants. The victims were often murdered in the most heinous ways. Their attackers were generally illegals who had been detained by authorities at time or another, but either were released before deportation or simply returned after being deported.

The NYC explosion, as well as the other in Seaside park, NJ, and the mall stabbings in Minnesota, prove that the policies of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have failed to curb global terrorism. Terrorist attacks are increasing across the world and even here in the United States. Only Donald Trump offers realistic plans to fight Islamic terrorism and to secure our borders. Trump will Make America Safe Again, Make America Strong Again, and Make American Great Again!

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