Republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump is now leading in nearly every national poll. Trump has also pulled ahead of the crooked, liar Hillary Rodham Clinton in most of the crucial battleground states. Now, today, the ′BIG HEADLINE′ is that the Reuters/Ipsos States of the Nation tracking poll shows that Donald Trump has closed the Electoral College ′map-gap′. After her health scare last weekend, Hillary Clinton now faces total humiliation come Election Day, just 52 days away. Rumors that the DNC was even considering replacing her floated through the Blogosphere. The Clinton campaign, beset by scandal after scandal, cover-up after cover-up, is now approaching full-fledged panic!

Donald Trump polls

Thus, the latest attempt to smear Trump on the old birther issue. A cheap shot which went nowhere. Hillary Clinton tried to paint Trump as racist, even dragging in the infamous ′Pepe the Frog′ meme! But the result was failure as the latest L.A. Times/USC daily tracking poll now shows that Donald Trump′s support amongst Black voters may be as high as 19%. Many other polls show him at 8% or more with African-Americans. A similar tale is emerging with Hispanic and Latino voters. Hillary cannot afford to give up very much ground with these groups. Especially with the latest Quinnipac poll showing how soft her support is with younger voters between 18 to 35.

With the first debate just 9 days away, Trump, who already has ′The Big Mo′, could skyrocket overnight. His appearances this week on ″The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon″ and ″Dr. Oz″ went very well. Efforts to dehumanize Trump have failed. Thus, yet another major avenue of attack by the Democrats has been lost. Trump′s attention to delivering more policy speeches the past few weeks has even begun to whittle away the objections by the ′Never-Trumpers′. Evan Mcmullin′s numbers in Utah, about the only state he might play well in, are collapsing. Gary Johnson is also declining, though he seems to be hurting Hillary more than Trump.

Donald Trump is now leading in the 2016 Election Race for the White House. He has the wind at his back and is gaining ground, inch by inch, yard by yard. Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, is practically in free-fall. Nearly every day, there is some new scandal. The latest appears to be fallout from the alleged Wells Fargo probe. There are reports that her campaign, Hillary for America, is allegedly charging credit cards of small donors without their knowledge. Ouch! If this is true, coupled with the prices charged at Bill Clinton′s birthday party last night, with seats going for $50,000, $100,000, and $250,000, it really does appear that the Clintons are simply all about the money.

Which brings me to one final point. Hillary Clinton is losing despite her larger war chest of cash. Over $100 Million dollars in TV ads spent following the conventions, compared to Trump spending barely $5 Million, has gotten her nowhere. Team Trump is Internet savvy, responding instantly to events on Twitter and elsewhere, making good use of ′Meme Magic′. After Hillary′s use of the phrase, ″basket of deplorables″, Trump supporters have embraced it and went meme-wild. Yesterday′s Trump rally used a meme created just days before called ″Les Deplorables″ (pictured above), as a backdrop. The Clinton campaign is just not savvy or nimble enough to match the Trumpers.

Some are already blaming the lax work schedule of the sickly Hillary Rodham Clinton for this problem. She is basically sleeping through the campaign much as Hitler did during the Normandy invasion. Hillary is barely keeping a schedule of a rally every four or five days, while Donald Trump is doing two per day, everyday! Trump is a fireball, streaking across the landscape of Real America. Not just playing only to Elites and special interest groups. Even with The Media backing Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump has wrestled the lead away from her and continues to build momentum. This is the very sort of drive and energy we need to Make America Great Again!

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