There is an old, ′Vulcan′ saying, ″Only Nixon could go to China.″ Last night in Pennsylvania, Donald Trump proved that he is the only GOP presidential candidate this election cycle who could have proposed a ′YUGE′ Child Care program. Ted Cruz would never have even considered it. Jeb Bush might have, but only for illegal immigrants which he would give amnesty to. Guided by his daughter, Ivanka, Donald Trump unveiled his plan to aid working families to provide child care for their children, and also a plan to help care givers assisting their elderly parents. The plan, which was crafted with the help of several Republican Congresswomen, includes 6 weeks of paid maternity leave, tax credits, individual child care accounts, and even matching funds for the poor via the Earned Income Credit program. Cynics would say that this was only done to curry favor with women voters. But this is part of a larger plan to transform the GOP into a political party for the working class.

Introduced by his daughter Ivanka, Donald Trump did not waste time airing his plan. Clearly this plan was hatched by Ivanka Trump, who has been busy trying to make her father more ′presidential′. Donald Trump was very presidential when he spoke in Iowa earlier in the day at the same time Barack Obama led a campaign rally for Hillary Clinton in Philadelphia. Trump slammed Obama and Hillary for dividing the nation with their hateful rhetoric. The latest of which was Hillary Clinton comments about Trump supporters being part of a ′basket of deplorables′. Even the half of Trump supporters not deplorables were nothing else but people who had given up, according to Hillary.

But the tactic failed, as Trump brought up on stage a group of supporters who refused to be deplorable. The Trump campaign even fashioned a photo of a ′YUGE′ crowd at a Trump rally with the slogan, ″Think We′ll Need A Bigger Basket″. On top of that, some new T-shirts were produced with ″I Am Deplorable″ on the front and ″#NeverHillary″ on the back side. This just goes to show why the tactic of hateful politics practiced by the Democratic Party is old and worn out. Obviously, everybody cannot be a racist. To say that 50-60 Million Americans are is just crazy!

As crazy as Hillary Clinton! She has gone off the rails. Some are even speculating now that her so-called ′dehydration′ from pneumonia on Sunday may actually be some form of epilepsy. Video of her shaking uncontrollably just before falling looks more like a seizure than someone faint from overheating. You have to wonder what she was given at Chelsea′s apartment? Hillary did not see her doctor until returning home in Chappaqua. People may recall that Bill Clinton′s first act when becoming president was to fire the White House doctor, Burton Lee. Dr. Lee refused to give Bill an injection of what was described as ′allergy medication′ which was in a strangely marked bottle. When Lee insisted that he have access to Bill Clinton′s medical records, he was dismissed. To this day, nearly 24 years later, neither Bill nor Hillary′s medical records have been made public.

Despite the Clinton campaign spending over $100 Million dollars in attack ads on TV, the presidential race is tightening. New polls show several battle ground states are now either evened-up or with Trump in the lead. The L.A. Times daily tracking poll this morning has Trump ahead nationwide by 5%. Trump has only spent about $5 Million in TV ads. So Hillary Clinton′s falling poll numbers have little to do with TV ads and more to do with her own sets of scandals and mistakes. This latest business about her becoming faint from pneumonia is rumored to have set off secret talks within the DNC about replacing her before it is too late. I have news for Democrats…, it already IS TOO LATE!

With the help of his daughter Ivanka, Donald Trump has unveiled a child care program which will draw much attention. Hillary Clinton, sidelined from her illness, is in big trouble. Her arguments against Trump are being squashed one by one thanks to Trump′s instincts. He knows how to make himself appear as being tough minded and still compassionate. None of the other GOP candidates could have pulled it off. They just don′t have the ′Trump Touch′. Voters now have another good reason to elect Donald J. Trump for president and to Make America Great Again!

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