Hillary Rodham Clinton tried to hide her latest health problem, pneumonia, but failed. During Sunday′s 9/11 15th Anniversary ceremonies at Ground Zero in New York, Clinton fainted from fever and dehydration. Leaving the ceremony nearly 2 hours early, supported by two men and two women, Hillary collapsed as she was hustled into her ′Scooby′ van. She was rushed to her daughter′s apartment where Hillary spent 90 minutes ′rehydrating′ until fit enough to face the public without assistance. Meanwhile, her press pool was kept in the dark, ′penned′ up by Clinton staffers. The ′health incident′ or event would have been a secret except for a bystander who took video of Hillary Clinton wobbling and falling as she was helped into her van. Later Sunday, her doctor released a statement that Hillary Clinton had been diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday and given antibiotics.

This morning, the Clinton campaign announced that Hillary would cancel her two-day trip to California and stay home to rest up and recover, if she can. This whole story plays right into the hands of Donald Trump, who was rather gracious yesterday in not saying much about it. Trump has been commenting on how weak and sickly Hillary Clinton is of late. Her constant coughing, her light schedule, long absences from the campaign trail. All signs of her lacking the stamina and sound health to be president. Then there is the matter of her not remembering important briefings and events since her concussion in 2012.

So, needless to say, this story is ′golden′ for me! It practically writes itself! Especially fun is a report on Friday about how the Clinton campaign is threatening reporters about reporting on her many health problems. Once again, Hillary is trying to cover up her crooked tracks and short-comings. You have to wonder when the press will grow some cajones and realize how she is playing them for the fools they are?

Are you worried about the latest Hillary Clinton health problem? Could her new bout with pneumonia side-line her campaign at a crucial moment? Does this health incident at the 9/11 15th Anniversary event prove that Hillary Rodham Clinton is physically, mentally and morally unfit to be president? And what about this business of hiding her pneumonia from the press, keeping them from following her? How does all of this play into the narrative about Hillary Clinton being secretive and dishonest?

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