Hillary Rodham Clinton invoked more racist dribble last night at a fund raiser in New York City. Clinton told the gathering of the wealthy and celebrities that half of Donald Trump′s supporters were part of the ″basket of deplorables″. Consisting of racists, homophobes, xenophobes, Islamophobes, etc. This ′broad brush′, condemning millions of Americans, follows her husband Bill Clinton speech on Wednesday that Trump′s slogan of ′Make America Great Again′ is also racist. Funny, since Bill Clinton, himself, used the very same phrase often when he was running for president in 1992.

Of course, all of this is a sign of dire panic in the Clinton campaign as Hillary continues to loose ground in the latest polls. Trump has taken the lead in many national and state-wide polls, such as the new Quinnipac Poll of several battleground states. Trump has either passed Hillary to take the lead, or has tied her in key states for the general election. Trump is also gaining ground in a number of Western states following comments by Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Party candidate, and Evan McMullin, the write-in candidate promoted by the Never-Trump idiots, like Bill Kristol. Johnson screwed up Thursday asking, ″What is Allepo?″ when questioned about his policy for Syria. McMillan is losing ground in the only state he is campaigning in, Utah, when he announced that his mother is a lesbian and that he considers same-sex marriage a ′Conservative′ principle.

The Democratic Party is well known for playing the ′Race Card′ in elections, as well as any other time it suits them. So for both Hillary and Bill Clinton to play it this week is not surprising. The realities that her campaign is sinking from the weight of her many scandals is hitting hard. Democrats are now beginning to fear that she may not be able to defeat Donald Trump in November.

The Media is trying to help Hillary as much as they can. During her first ′real′ press conference in some 278 days on Thursday, no questions were about her email scandal were asked. A Washington Post editorial argues that it is not a vital issue, even though it relates to the matters of trust, honesty and judgment. Hillary′s primary criticism of Trump is that he cannot be trusted to be president. So one can say that questions about her own judgment, trust and honesty are fair game.

Hillary held a national security forum of her own on Friday after losing the televised version on Wednesday to Trump, who beat her 65% to 35% in an online poll at the NBC News website. Oddly enough, nearly all of the former military and government wonks at the Friday meeting are the very same bunch of warmongers responsible for Iraq, Libya, Syria, etc. On Wednesday night, Hillary promised that she would not commit any American ′boots-on-the-ground′ to Syria. But on Friday, she flip-flopped and now says she will send only Special Ops ′boots′. The Media is ignoring this dramatic change, which is actually the very same policy Barack Obama is currently using.

Events of the past couple of weeks are gnawing away at the Hillary Rodham Clinton campaign. Her latest statement about how half of Donald Trump supporters are part of a ″basket of deplorables″ is a sign that Hillary is getting desperate and running out of steam. Despite outspending Trump nearly 30-to-1 in TV ads in key battleground states, Trump is catching her to her, either evening in the polls or leading her. If September is as bad a month for Hillary Clinton as August has been, Donald Trump may wind up way out in front come October, especially once the debates begin.

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